Writing to convince Difficulty of finding parking.

Writingto convince: Difficulty of finding parking.

Theissue of finding a parking place with Florida National Universityremains one of the greatest challenges in the institution. Theproblem is evident from the parking packed to capacity, yet there arestill various vehicles on the street driving slowly around theUniversity in search of a parking space. The issue has become a greatchallenge to the extent of affecting normal operations in theuniversity such as lecturers not getting in class on time and puttingoff new inquiries from people who would love to join the campus. Dueto the shortcomings it presents, the management of the Universityought to understand that difficulty of finding a parking has caughtup with the university and come up with a solution to it.

FloridaNational University is one of the oldest institutions with almost allthe required physical facilities. Despite having a well-lit parking,car ownership has increased and it has become hard to find a parkingspace within the University. It is agreeable that during theinception of the University, the area set aside for parking was morethan enough at the time. Not long ago, the parking would not even bepacked to half capacity. However, there has been changes over theyears with many people acquiring their vehicles. The implication ofmany individuals purchasing vehicles is an increase in the demand forparking space (Guo &amp Ping 699).

Thedifficulty of finding parking is not only a challenge to theinstitution but the entire state. However, the presence of theproblem within the University has adversely affected the normaloperations of the university and needs to be addressed with urgency.It is unfortunate that some professors are within the Universitypremises on time but end up getting into class late as they searchfor a space they can park a car. This challenge has equally affectednew inquiries at the University. People driving to come and enquireabout the university end up wasting a lot of time searching forparking space. Others are too impatient to find space and instead ofdriving around the campus to find some space, they just leave.

Inas much as the lack of sufficient parking space within the Universitydoes not seem to be a great challenge, it has a negative impact tothe university. Take for instance the people making inquiries to jointhe institution and are already finding it hard to find a parkingspace. Such people are likely to opt for other institutions wherethey can attend classes without encountering such problems. Again, itis inappropriate for students to miss out on class time for a lessonbecause the professor got late searching for a parking space.


Therate at which people are acquiring vehicles has doubled in thecurrent era with even some students driving to driving. This scenarioimplies that there is a need to extend the available parking spacewith new ways of finding space to accommodate these new vehicles (Guo&amp Ping 700). The management needs to understand the fact thatthere is demand for parking than ever before and the demand isexpected to rise causing more difficulties with finding parking. Themanagement could deal with the issue by increasing the availableparking space considering the rate at which car ownership is growingas well as come up with new technological ways of finding parkingspace (Klappenecker et al. 245).


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