Workplace Diversity


Workplacediversity is used when referring to the numerous differences amongindividuals within an organization (Derven, 2016). It includes race,ethnic group, gender, personality, the background and even theeducation levels of people. Studies carried out in teams have foundout that managers are finding it hard to manage diversity within theworkplace. The aspect of managing does not only imply recognizing theactual differences among the staff. It encompasses acknowledging thevalue of the differences, opposing discrimination and embracinginclusiveness.

Thegreatest challenge in doing this is the presence of negative attitudeand manners. This concept is a significant obstacle in anorganizational diversity as it damages the relationships within theworkplace thus reducing both morale and productivity (Derven, 2016).Prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination all fall under thisbracket. For any management that strives to embrace diversity, itshould eliminate negative attitude and actions when recruiting,retaining and terminating the contracts of the employees.

Oneof the initiatives that I am likely to spearhead in my workplace ismentorship. Diversity at the workplace is essential to encourageinnovation, nurture creativity and to ensure that the businessobjectives are achieved. Mentorship provides an excellent platformfor the staff members to share and listen to each other’ssentiments, ideologies, expertise and the experiences they have gonethrough in the field (Derven, 2016). Mentoring establishes a sense ofbelonging, trust, motivation, and personal understanding. It alsopresents an excellent opportunity for the employees to air theirgrievances, overcome the workplace challenges and come up withsolutions. Subsequently, employees get inspired to perform to theoptimum.

Mentoringdoes not only help entities to nurture and retain different talents,but it also plays a pivotal role in building a sustainable activecommunity of varied talents.


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