Working Together in a Group

WorkingTogether in a Group

WorkingTogether in a Group

Jones(2012) argued that there are four major stages of team developmentnamely forming, storming, norming, and performing this essayutilizes his contributions to scrutinize my current group regardingits stage, leadership roles, and problem-solving strategies.


Asa high school student working towards academic excellence, I didbuild and presently lead a group of six students in discussions wework together to improve in every subject, and the group has reachedthe stage of performing. During forming, the six individuals remainedpositive, polite, excited, and anxious about the team’s objectivesthen followed the storming phase where every person presenteddiffering views and the group almost failed. Fortunately, the teamsettled their differences and decided to commit to the goals of theforum (norming stage), and that plunged it into its current stagewhich is performing every member is now focused and works hard, andthat has culminated in a better academic performance for every one ofus.


Asa leader, I ensured that every team member was assigned a role andresponsibility during forming and proceeded to unite the group suchthat all the processes were aligned with everyone’s views duringstorming. During norming, I encouraged the colleagues to appreciateeach other’s strengths and opinions and provide feedback wherenecessary and during performing I delegate duties to focus more ondeveloping group members.


Asa team, we collectively formulated a common purpose and realisticgoals and agreed to uphold mutual respect, practice effectiveleadership and communication as well as show good cohesion thesehave helped in reducing conflict of opinions and inducing team spiritand commitment and consequently academic excellence.


Fromthe above considerations, it is patent that working as a group isprimary to success in school and if a team can progress through allthe four stages under good leadership, any organization ( and business enterprises) is guaranteed to fulfill itsprojected goals.


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