Women`s Health


Women’s Health

In the scenario, the biophysical factors consider the various ways inwhich the cancer might be inherited through the genes since Betty’smother also had cancer. The psychological factors include the deathof Betty’s husband that has affected her emotions and led to hersexual orientation since she wants a totally new life. Thesociocultural factors include the myths that Betty has on the spreadof cancer. For instance, she believes that cancer cannot be spreadthrough the lesbians non-penetrative sexual activities. The healthsystem factors look at the way that she has failed to secure healthinsurance all those years. Lastly, the behavioral factors include theembarrassment that Betty has in having a Pap smear since she is a gaywoman.

I will urge her to undergo the Pap smears frequently even if she iscurrently lesbian. Given that she had engaged in sex with menearlier, it is clear that there is a risk of developing and theregular Pap smear is still something that she should undergo. Apartfrom that, the cancer can be spread by Human Papillomavirus (HPV)that occurs through the skin-to-skin contact during a sexualencounter (Lutgendorf &amp Sood, 2011). The sexual encounter, inthis case, also considers the female-to-female sex. In fact, herfemale partner might have engaged in sexual activities with men inthe past or even currently. Hence, she should not take chances but,get a Pap smear to reduce any risks of having cancer.

A community health nurse is supposed to educate Betty on the risksshe is facing. First, the nurse might reveal that the fact that hermother had breast cancer, there is the likelihood of having cancerand she should undergo medical check-up. A community health nurseshould also debunk the myth of lesbians not being at risk of cancerand urge Betty to get a Pap smear to reduce any chances of beinginfected with cancer.


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