Why do people age in different ways?

Whydo people age in different ways?

Whydo people age in different ways?

1.Naturally occurring changes in five senses

Aspeople get old, there is bound to be a considerable change in theirfive senses. People normally lose the sense of taste, and this couldresult in them putting lots of salt in food and sugar in tea orcoffee so as to feel the taste (Novak, 2016). Their sense of hearingalso reduces and they find it hard to hear what another person issaying unless they are very near to that individual. There is also areduction in the ability of such people to see as they experiencesight problems.

2.Life course

Lifecourse, as explained in chapter five refers to some of the practicesthat people could inculcate in their lives so as to avoid some of theproblems that they may experience in the future once they have grownold (Novak, 2016). It includes activities that help to sustain bothphysical and mental capability of the body to handle variousfunctions just the same as that of younger generations.

3.Fluid and crystallized intelligence

Fluidintelligence refers to the state in which one is able to thinksoundly without relating to past incidents (Novak, 2016).Crystallized intelligence involves the ability of people to thinkbased on prior knowledge that they have regarding a similaroccurrence in the past.

4.Why it is important to study ‘minority aging.`

Itis important to study ‘minority aging,’ so as to determinewhether such generations are sustainable or could be faced withsituations that could pose a huge problem in their survival in thefuture (Novak, 2016). As a result, it could bring up the need toimprove the capacity of such groups to take actions to ensure thatthey live longer so as to propagate their generations.


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