What Makes a Good Story

WhatMakes a Good Story

Agood story must be captivating from its heading to the last dot. Itmust involve the reader emotionally and increase the thirsty forcuriosity which glues the reader to the topic(Glück, 2016: Marsh, 2016).To begin with, the title of the story is magnificent and uniquebecause of the word choice that has been used by the writer. The waythe message is conveyed in the title is unimaginable and does notexist in the reader’s thoughts. The heading will help to easilycatch the reader’s attention and qualifies for the best rating. Thereader will want to find more concerning the title and hence willkeep reading the story to satisfy their immense curiosity. The firstparagraph is catchy with tension, which gradually spreads from onesection to another all throughout the story.

Thestory is very powerful and will be highly appreciated and talkedabout by readers because it has a very detailed, captivating andenlightening the story, which inspire. It stirs something in the soulthat cannot be quenched and will only be satisfied by reading more. The writer throughout the story showed an inexhaustible sense ofhumor because the writer embraced her situation and made her journeytowards her success entertaining. It has a good road map, and theplanning is magnificent and does not show signs of popping ideas.

Theterminologies have been used correctly and sparingly and do not allowreaders to get distracted trying to find a dictionary to find out theword meanings.It has very clear sentences that are easy tounderstand because the language used is flawless and therefore it issuitable for a wide array of readers regardless of age. Hence, thearticle will sell widely, which isone of the aims of ourorganization. There is an excellent character development that helpsthe reader in following the story. An example of characterdevelopment is the use of appearance which enables the reader tovisualize the person playing the role.

Thestory exactly fits the remaining space for publication because itdoes not contain irrelevant information, words, paragraphs orsentences it is short and precise. The writer followed all ethicalconsiderations by using quotes and to indicate information that wasnot originally from them and thus a good indication of original work.The information provided is not an imitation of any previous story,but a systematic text that gives room for more contribution and isinspirational.

Thestory is fit for the society and the target population because itchallenges them and acquaints them with different aspects of life. Iteducates and creates awareness on issues that most people feel it isnot their responsibility. The article touches on sensitive problemsthat need to be addressed urgently by us, as a nation and globally.Moreover, the story is educational, keeps the reader alert and grabsthe reader’s interest. The article is also artistically superiorbecause of its outstanding quality and will possibly be rated thebest story and the readers will keep rereading it.

Thesetting and the context of the story has been well developed andallows the reader to experience the location just the way thecharacter does and even creates avenues where the reader cansympathize with the main personality all through her persecution. Thestoryline has been developed such that it clearly brings out thetheme, the drama and the emotional significance of the story in a waythat the reader can easily associate their daily lives.

Thestory being of a sensitive global issue, it has received manyreviews, especially from political leaders. One of them is the GermanChancellor, Angela Merkel she says that the autobiography about theenvironmentalist woman who is relentless in her fight against climatechange and forest destruction is fascinating. She says that she hasbeen inspired by this humble woman who was famously known as “motherof trees” in her country. Her struggles, endurance, andself-sacrifice which made her be jailed, vilified and criticizedpublicly are outstanding and do not allow her to sit and watch theenvironment being destroyed.

Merkelalso says that the way the story brings out the emotional aspect isexcellent. She adds that the way the woman was rejected, and laterdivorced by her husband because she had “become less beautiful,”is an aspect which every person can relate with and despite that shedid not relent in her fight for what she believed in. She also addsthat the woman’s story has made her fight against global warmingand factors that bring climate change not only in Germany, butthroughout the word.

Shealso appreciates the way the author has brought out the messageclearly, and she wishes that the story will impact a lot of people. Merkel says that she highly recommends the story especially to peoplewho love their mother nature as it is not only a wakeup call, butalso shows the struggles of what our mothers and daughters go throughyet they end up being great role models.


Thus,this story needs to be published as it fits to the current matters ofour society, apart from being artistically beautiful by mixingelements of humor and emotions (Glück,2016: Marsh, 2016).The story is written in a way that the reader will be able tovisualize and put herself/himself in the story teller’s shoes.Thus, I would advocate that you publish this story as it will put ourorganization on the map for being not only the deliverer of goodstories, but also an advocate of women who have socially beendiscriminated, and the environment.


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