Vision San Antonio 2020

VisionSan Antonio 2020

TheSA2020 is a vision that is community oriented with established goalsand a plan to improve the picture of San Antonio by 2020[CITATION Chi14 p 2 l 1033 ].As a non-profit project, the government has partnered with variousdonors and supportsto help achieve and turn the vision into a reality. For a better SanAntonio, the SA2020 focuses on eleven paramount vision areas.

  1. Arts and culture

Throughpartnerships with potential organizations, the diverse artistic andcultural heritage of San Antonio is expected to place the city on themap.

  1. Community safety

Throughpublic involvement, the law enforcement agencies work with thecommunity to ensure public safety within the city.

  1. Downtown development

Theestablishment of historic buildings and preserving the parks andrivers, San Antonio, invites visitors and attract businessopportunities.

  1. Economic competitiveness

SanAntonio is the hub for economic development with the leadinginstitutions and business organizations such as universities, medicalcenters, and manufacturing companies.

  1. Education

Thecity strives to provide access to high-end education that equates tothe challenges and opportunities of the current century.

  1. Family well-being

Thefamily well-being guarantees a healthy nation and workforce dedicatedto improving the economic picture of the city.

  1. Government accountability and civic engagement

Holdingthe government accountable for its operations promotes transparencyamong the elected members.

  1. Health and fitness

Improvingthe well-being and fitness of the community prevents contraction ofvarious physical and mental disorders.

  1. Natural resources and environment sustainability

Sustainingthe environment for the future generation by creating a better placefocuses on water, land, and energy.

  1. Neighborhoods and growth management

SanAntonio promotes unity among its neighbors to foster growth

  1. Transportation

Wishesto provide an environment where everyone can walk, drive and ride.


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