Views of the Duality of Qatar

Viewsof the Duality of Qatar


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Theessay has adequately outlined the similarities between Qatar’s dualand the Roman system legal systems. It is true that both systemsderive their authority from God and the society. To further emphasizeon relations between the system and the Roman legal system, theauthor adequately highlights the divisions covered which includelabor, trade, and businesses. One important concept that I have cometo understand from reading this post is that Qatar’s legal systemaimed at ensuring peaceful co-existence between Muslims andNon-Muslims. I agree with the views presented on the similaritiesbetween Qatar’s dual and the Roman system legal systems.

Additionally,the essay also describes government’s oversight of the Qatari legalsystem. This section was very important because it provided valuableinsights into the role of the minister and how the Sharia and Adliacourts dispense with their legal mandates. Here he/she discusses therole of each court and how the issues of religion play into decidingon the jurisdiction. Qatar, being a Muslim majority nation, had tohave an Islamic-based legal tradition, however, it is important toknow how the country came to adopt the Roman legal system. Theability of the author to integrate British occupation into thediscussion makes it easy to understand the place of initial contractbetween the Roman and Islamic traditional system that had beenapplied in the nation for centuries.

Itis fascinating how the post made reference to the biblical teachingsof Jesus. Christ has urged his followers to render unto Caesar whatbelongs to Caesar and God what belong to God. From an individual’sperspective, this verse is applicable in the Qatar dual legal systembecause there are both Muslims and few non-Muslims yet all needjustice. Perhaps the paper should have focused more on how the verseapplies to the duality of the Qatari system because this could haveenabled us to have an in-depth understanding of both jurisdictions.

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Thispaper has effectively given a detailed analysis of the relationshipbetween the Qatar dual legal system and Jesus admonition thatChristians are to “render to Caesar the things that are Caesars’sand to God the things that are God’s. I agree with the writer`sviews that this teaching is very applicable in that it is importantto obey God’s authority and also obey human authority in the formof government. The author goes further to discuss two divisions ofthe system and their respective jurisdictions. The discussion on therights and responsibilities of both the Sharia and Adlia courts hassupplemented my knowledge and understanding of the duality of theQatar legal system.

Theother area where I believe the writer has outdone himself or herselfis where he discusses the jurisdiction for two sets of courts. Thearticle notes that though Qatar is a Muslim majority nation, it isimportant for them not to impose their Islamic-guided rules onnon-believer and instead provide an avenue through the Adlia systemwhere none believers have a court that fairly adjudicates on theirlegal issues. I agree that allowing non-Muslims to be judged by civillaw equates to the verse render to Caesar the things that areCaesars’s.

Lastly,the essay effectively provides some insight into the structure of theAdlia courts that specialize in civil matters. Here, the author triesto give insight on how the whole system works. This is supplementedwith bible quotations that show the authority that these courts haveabout their subject. The information acquired is in agreement withthe knowledge I have acquired while working on the assignment.However, I have gained a deeper understanding of biblicalinterpretation from reading this essay, and this has further enhancedmy knowledge on the topic.