Types of Sex Offenders


Typesof Sex Offenders


Typesof Sex Offenders

Sex offenders vary depending on the offense. Some of the commonclassifications of sex offenders are child molesters and rapists. Inan attempt to understand and classify sex offenders, many scholarshave developed various criteria. Groth’s typologies classify childmolesters as either fixated or regressed, and rapists as anger, poweror sadistic rapists (Center for Sex Offender Management, 2016).

Debra Lafave was an ordinary schoolteacher charged with engaging insex with a 14-year-old boy in 2005. Although Lafave pleaded guilty,the prosecution dropped the charges and sentenced her to housearrest. According to her husband, Lafave was an ordinary beautifuland intelligent woman. However, she had a dark past. Raised by anauthoritative mother, Lafave was accustomed to having things done forher (Center for Sex Offender Management, 2016). Despite being rapedat the tender age of 13 years, she was anorexic and bipolar.

According toGroth’s typologies, Lafave can be categorized as a fixated childmolester. Lafave’s sexual desires center on children, especiallyboys however, she falls in the low fixation group because she has anage appropriate sexual preference, implying she is married to anadult (Center for Sex Offender Management, 2016). Furthermore, Lafaveis considered as having a high narcissistic contact with childrenbecause she engaged with the child for selfish reasons, which were toassert her attractiveness and for sexual gratification.

John Wayne Gacy wasa construction contractor known for his charitable work and politicalcontributions. He often went to children functions dressed up as aclown. Despite his ordinary life, Gacy was a serial killer. He wascharged with the murder of 33 boys and young men between the years1972-78 (Center for Sex Offender Management, 2016).

According toGroth’s typologies, Gacy falls between a fixated child molester anda sadistic rapist. The justification for the first category is thathe is interested in children, with a special focus on boys (Centerfor Sex Offender Management, 2016). He falls into the low fixationgroup because he was married to an age appropriate woman. Gacy mayalso be rated as having a high narcissistic contact with childrenbecause he is driven by selfish personal gratification. Furthermore,the fact that Gacy is a serial killer makes him the typically fixatedchild molester.

The justificationfor the second category is that Gacy inflicts harm on his victimsthrough murder, and derives pleasure from his actions. Furthermore,an account of his crimes states that he handcuffed and restrained hisvictims, then strangled them (Center for Sex Offender Management,2016). Gacy can further be classified into the category of anapproach-explicit sex offender because he wanted to engage in thisbehavior and actively planned to continue doing it without theintention of getting caught.


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