Truman and Trump

Trumanand Trump

Politicalcareer, especially the aspiration to be the president of a superpowernation is very sensitive and needs a lot of dedication, experienceand a good knowledge on a variety of issues. Over the past fewmonths, politics has been an inevitable issue in the US, especiallywith the most controversial candidate Donald Trump. People have beenable to draw a lot of similarities between these leaders trying tocompare them with other presidents who were once in the office.

Onenotable character that has been likened to Donald Trump in hisjourney to the Whitehouse, is President Harry S. Truman. People sawhis presidential bid in 1948 as a joke and unrealistic, a dream thatcould never be achieved as opinion polls predicted that he wouldnever win, but eventually he won. Similarly, Donald Trump bid forpresident since primaries was seen as a joke and many people thoughthe would not make it, but at each step he has proved otherwise andhistory might repeat itself thus, Trump might be our next president.

Trumpand Truman Race to White House

PresidentTruman’s surprise success, which has been historical may repeatitself if Donald Trump is elected as the president of the UnitedStates of America.have shown some similarities intheir quest to be presidents. Sixty-eight years ago, the people ofAmerica elected a president who was the least expected candidate(Levy, 2016).

Unlikehis opponent, President Truman was unlikeable and mistrusted, andsome people ridiculed him in his second term bid for the presidencyas some people had rated him far from a noble-minded man (Weisbrode,2016).Truman, a son of a farmer, understood what it is to come fromlower-middle class because he was once one of them. He led a dividedparty, and all this could not favor him to becoming a president.Various polls and even magazines predicted a Dewey presidency andindicated that Truman could never win (Levy, 2016). During theprimaries, the Democrats tried to find other suitable candidates toreplace Truman, but they declined the position. As a result, heremained as the presidential candidate.

Similarly,Trump’s opponent has all the desirable characteristics that favorher. Clinton’s experience in matters of the nation is verycritical. As a result, opinion polls have rated Clinton as the mostdesired presidential candidate more than Trump. Additionally, Trump’sreckless speech has been noted as one of his major weakness, and thishas been noted as a factor that might cost him the chances of beingthe president. Trump’s Republican Party is also divided there areRepublicans who support him while others don’t think that he willmake to be the president. But, just like Truman he has continued tobelief that he will win.

Also,Truman was able to understand the state of the nation at that timeand used these weaknesses as a loophole to his success (Levy, 2016).He addressed the issues of the economy, which was very poor and wasaffecting the living standards of USA citizens. Truman also addressedthe plight of all the workers during Labor Day by telling them tounite and elect a leader who cares about them. He reminded laborersof how they had suffered under the Republican leadership as theyprovided unfavorable leadership for them.

LikeTruman, Trump is trying to use the same strategy to ensure that hewins the presidential race by telling people about change in everycampaign rally. Trump feels that the nation needs change from thestatus quo, though he may not bring it out like the way Truman didand succeeded, he is trying. His slogan “Make America Great Again”has gained a lot of popularity. He claims that America needs a leaderwho will be able to make better deals for the country.

Trumpalso adds that his business success and the many years that he hasworked harmoniously with people are the evidence of how he will savethe country’s economy that has been crippled by leaders such asClinton. Trump has also touched on how he will handle the issues ofterrorism which are of great concern to the country.Just likeTruman who used nuclear bombs to destroy the USA enemy by that time,Japan, Trump in his speech when he was asked how he will deal withISIS said that he would bomb their oil fields so as to destroy theirmain source of income(Washington Times, 2015).Truman in 1945 actualized Trump’s words when he authorized thenuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. America might end uphaving another president like Truman who takes unimaginable risks toprove a point to their enemy, if Trump wins the elections.

Trumpis very confident that he will win. I feel that history may repeatitself because I have a very strong conviction that Trump might win,despite him being the least desirable candidate. Trump once said that“cheating” will be the only thing that will hinder him from beingthe president (Lind, 2016). In 1948, Truman’s opponents had bannersthat indicated that Dewey had won, but later the results provedotherwise. Truman had defeated Dewey with over two million voteshence everybody should be ready for a repeat.


Peopleall over the world are anxiously waiting for the big day. We all havedifferent opinions, but just like the 1948 US presidential elections,we all should be ready for anything. Clinton and Trump, despite theirdisparities, have high chances of becoming our presidents. Thus, itshould not be a surprise if Donald Trump who has been seen trailingfrom behind from the start, wins this election.


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