Thesis Statements Student`s


Topic1: Smoking in Public

Smokingcigarettes put the smokers and non-smokers at a risk of developingsmoke-related ailments. Government should initiate policies toprevent smoking in public. This will help in reducing the number ofsmokers in the country. Additionally, it prevents littering of thesurroundings with cigarette butts. Those against banning of smokingstate that it will have negative impacts on the economy. Bar and clubowners claim that banning smoking in their premises will chase awaycustomers causing the clubs to close. Smokingin public should be banned because it causes serious health andenvironmental effects.

MainIdea 1: It has harmful effect on an individual health Main Idea2: Environmental pollutionMain Idea 3: Sets a bad example forthe younger generations

Topic2: Impact of media.

Mediahas had both its positive and negative impacts. It has influence onfactors such as violence and body image influence, media shapes,culture, business and sports subjects. However, it reflects on thefreedom of speech and expression in the country. Some might regardmedia as a vice to society because of the unwanted influences.The media despite unintended adverse consequences, its benefits suchas increased globalization, cultural integration among othersoutweigh disadvantages.

Mainidea 1: Advanced technology.

MainIdea 2: Promotes globalization.

MainIdea 3: Cultural integration

Topic3: Texting and driving.

Textingwhile driving endangers the life of the driver and pedestrians. Itcauses distractions and slows decision making processes. Althoughsome argue that ignoring a text message is wrong as the informationmay be urgent, exposing other lives to potential danger is even moreserious. Textingand driving should be made a crime as it endangers lives and causesproperty loses.

MainIdea 1: It is life threatening to pedestrians

MainIdea 2: Puts other motorists in danger of injuries.

MainIdea 3. A lot of properties are destroyed when accidents occur.


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