Theater Critique Paper (Much Ado about Nothing) By William Shakespeare


TheaterCritique Paper (Much Ado about Nothing) By William Shakespeare

Muchado about nothing is a favorite comedy acted by Shakespeare’s whichcombine a cheerful mood with a complicated series of miscommunicationand deception. The play starts with a messenger bringing a letter toLeonatto who was the governor. The letter stated Don Pedro theprince of Aragon will arrive shortly. The first scene takes placebefore Leonatto’s house, and it is at this meeting that Cladio fallin love to Hero and Beatrice meet with Benedick.Beatrice and Benedickare seen exchanging scoffs and insults while Cladio discloses that hewants to marry Hero (Leonatto’s daughter). In this play, love isthe important and consistent topic since it advances throughout theplay as the central characters go through stages of theirrelationships.


Theplay is set in Messina which is a port at the island of Sicily andwas ruled by Aragon at that time. The next scene is as a result ofthe first incident of overhearing that Cladio wants to marry Hero,and this set the stage for misunderstanding. Don John, the mainantagonist in the play, has an ill motive of disrupting the marriageof Hero and Cladio.The next scene includes the plan of Hero and hertwo attendants on how to trick Beatrice that Benedick is in arelationship with her. Don Pedro’s plan to bring Beatrice andBenedick together is overlapped with Don John’s plot to disruptCladio and Hero’s marriage. Later the wedding was set for justprecisely a week after Cladio had proposed to Hero. On the day of thewedding, Hero is being prepared as Beatrice enters and said that sheis not feeling well. There were parallel activities since alsoBenedict claims to have a toothache. As Leonatto was attending thewedding, Dogberry met him with two men and started convoluting theway he speaks to confuse him.


Duringthe celebration, the dancers wore masks which symbolize human’sskill of deception and pretending they are not themselves. Forexample, Margaret was mistaken for Hero and leads to Hero’s publicdisgrace during her wedding with Cladio.It also happens that Beatricestarts to rants about Benedick to a masked man who he was not awarewas Benedick. A mask tells more information about the culture andpeople who make them.


Asthe couples were dancing, they could pause temporarily to help theaudience hears their conversation. Pausing also helped the dancers inopening up and improving their awareness to space. In the play, thereare some characters who are fond of using the words thee and thou forexample when Cladio and Benedick are alone together, but when DonPedro joins them, he starts using the familiar form which symbolizesrespect to his seniors. Rereading lines will help the readerappreciate the vigor of the characters and experience emotionalimpact of their words and actions in the play.


Beatriceis portrayed as one of the most delightful characters in the play.The play manages to scheme an awesome ending to the story in whichBenedick and Beatrice ended up getting married. Every character inthe plays is a victim of deception, and it is this deception betweenBeatrice and Benedick that gave the play a dramatic focus. It is thepersonality of all characters in the play to give a summary of whatone sees, eavesdrops or has been told. The play encompasses tricksand schemes that are used to influence the moods and thoughts of thecharacters. In the play, a fascinating character is Benedick who saysthat he would stay as a bachelor because he believes he can not get aperfect woman. Benedick’s character is conveyed to as a caring andfun who is not certain of what he wants in future.

Thecomparison between how people were getting married at those times isalmost similar in some ways to what is happening today. The playportrays the ways in which people fall in love, how they interactwith each other and how they go through hard times together withoutchanging the love of each other. In conclusion, the play showsdiverse ways in which people are attracted to each other and howtheir understandings and definitions of love relate to their insightsof inward and outward beauty. Having unexpected details in the playhelp to capture the audience attention for long.