The World History 1.3.7 Practice Berlin Wall

TheWorld History 1.3.7 Practice: Berlin Wall

TheWorld History 1.3.7 Practice: Berlin Wall

TheBerlin wall was constructed in August 13 1961 and divided Berlin for28 years from the day it was constructed to the day it fell in 1989it was commissioned by President Ronald Reagan. It was constructed bythe German Democratic Republic and divided the West Berlin from theEast Berlin from 1961 to 1989 (Taylor,2012).The wall was created to higher heights and made of concrete thatincluded guard towers and between them an anti-car area that wasreferred to as the death strip.

Thewall separated the western people from the eastern ones where theyenjoyed full rights such as the ability to travel freely and movewhile the others did not have the ability to move and took fatalrisks crossing the border. Since the wall cut across the land, manypeople were cut off from their relatives and neighbors besides, themajority of those on the east could not travel to the west.

Therewere a lot of critics, especially by the westerners who opposed theconstruction of the wall. Some leaders, especially Governors, blamedthe U.S. for failing to respond to their plea. The flooding ofrefugees was a major problem, and thus, the allies rallied to theSoviet Union to let them know that the wall was a permanent feature.

Throughoutthe separation of the east from the west, people adopted manycultures, and thus, they made themselves different from the onceunited individuals. After the fall of the wall, people reunited fromeast and west, and thus, the difference was notable (Taylor,2012).Individuals talked about the cultural differences, leading to theformation of the Ossis and the Wessis. Thus, the wall led to manyvariations between the two politically different cultures.

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Sign at entrance to American sector of West Berlin

This is a sign to the ones leaving the American Sector. In it, there were several instructions such as the rule to obey the traffic laws. It was created in 1961 by the police who guarded the border. The intended audience was the people who crossed the border of the wall leaving the American sector ( Biasness is displayed to the eastern people due to the instructions given

United Kingdom Foreign Office Report, West Berlin

This is a telegram written from London through the embassy about the Khrushchev Berlin proposal (Taylor, 2012). It was drafted in November 28 1958 and provided several guidelines concerning the proposal. The main issue is that there was no sign whatever of any weakness in the foreign office working level reaction to the Khrushchev Berlin Proposal. The letter from London is bias since they refuse to act according to the proposal.

President Ronald Reagan, speech in Berlin

The speech was made in west Berlin by president Ronald Reagan in June 12 1987. The document was authored by the president and it was calling for Mikhail Gorbachev ( The main objective was to tear down the Berlin wall. The main idea was to open up the wall, which was dividing the east from the west. The president’s speech is non bias as they want the wall down.

Text of phone conversation between German and U.S. leaders

The telegram was created on October 3 1990 and it was a conversation between president Bush and German Chancellor. The event that is due to happen is the celebration of the fall of Berlin wall ( The main evidence is the unification of the two countries after the fall of the Berlin wall commissioned by President Reagan. There is zero biasing in the letter since it is a matter of celebration after the fall of the wall.

German Missions in the United States — &quotImages of the Berlin Wall&quot

The images of the Berlin war describes fully some of the reality that happened back then during the construction and the events that took place thereafter. The German missions in the United States are represented through the German embassy (&quotImages of the Berlin Wall&quot). It was commissioned after the unification of the two countries after the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. The images only portray the agreement of the two states but never show the suffering of the east, and thus bias.

Berliner Mauer— Facts and Figures

This document describes the aftermath of the Berlin wall such as the facts and the figures. The historic remains of the wall are found in the Berlin Wall Memorial ( The remains of the wall are preserved and a board was formed in 1990 to take care of the Berlin Wall remains. New regulations were also formed in 1989 after the fall of the wall to regulate the movement of people. The Berlin facts and figures are bias as they are not exact, according to the Berlin wall Memorial.


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