The Wolf of Wall Street

TheWolf of Wall Street

TheWolf of Wall Street

TheWolf of Wall Street is basically an American biographical comedy thatdepicts and portrays the face behind America’s greed culture. Allthis is packaged in a way meant to be impressive and full ofamusement but also terrifying intended to deliver the message. Thisis evident and clearly manifested by Belfort who has been toiling allhis life since his young age to achieve the American dream of gettingrich in the financial service industry and would do anything possibleraging from swindling people to corrupt deals and fraud all inpursuit of personal gain (Alexander, 2014).


Tobegin, Belfort gets a job as a stockbroker in Wall Street forRothschild under Mark Hanna who quickly introduces him to the stockbroker culture of drugs and other vices and educates him that theonly job is to amass wealth for himself and his personal gain. Lateron, he loses his job and finds another at a different firm and due tohis aggressive ways he manages to make a little fortune. He, in turn,persuades his neighbors into forming their own company whichrecruited Belfort’s friends and taught them the art of making moneyin fraudulent ways.

Thefirm is later on given the name Stratton Oakmont and after beingexposed by Forbes young, ambitious financiers come knocking on thedoors for an opportunity to work there. The firm becomes successful,and so does this translate to Belfort. Due to the immense success andas a result of overflowing excesses in his life he slides to drugsand women that put his success in the balance. After securing an IPOand making a huge sum of money in a pretty short while, this raisessuspicion on the firm’s operations and becomes a target by theFBI’s. In order to cover up the fraud, Jordan opens a Swiss bankaccount to try and hide the scheme so as to shortchange theauthorities and later on divert the cash to Switzerland. This leadsto Brad’s arrest after a brawl with Donnie who manages to escape.Jordan learns that his phone calls are being tapped. Jordan fatherbeing mindful of his son advises him to leave the company andmaintain a low profile as his attorney negotiates an out of courtdeal. However, Jordan turns down the advice and decides to escape toItaly.

Ontheir travel, they learnt Emma died of a heart attack and Belfortdecides to travel to Switzerland to settle the bank accounts. Theyuse a different route to escape border controls, but unfortunately,their ship capsizes, but a rescue operation manages to save them. Inanother wrong turn of events, their plane is destroyed. Jordan isarrested after a while since someone informed on him. For exchange ofleniency, he decides to gather evidence on his colleagues. Tired ofhis ways Naomi decides she wants a divorce and custody of the kidswhich lead to him losing his mind and try to escape but eventuallythey crash. Jordan arrives to work with a wire and warns Donnie aboutit in a note. FBI, later on, discovers the note and apprehends Jordanfor breaching the deal they had agreed on. Finally, the firm isinvaded and shut down, and Belfort receives a lenient sentence inprison and after being released, he begins making a living througheducating others on sale techniques.

Whowould love the film?

Withreference to the film, it generally appeals to the whole society andin particular the financial industry. This is considering the fact onhow greed has been engraved into people’s daily practices and waysall with the aim of self-fulfillment. In particular, it is heightenedand well-orchestrated with the elite in the society who would notstop at anything to achieve their desires in total disregard ofothers and the impact that it would cause on them. This creates awake-up call for all to actively participate and engage to curb suchpractices since more often than not they result in fatal consequenceson the affected victims.

Doesthe film make promises?

Incontinuation, the film, in particular, doesn’t seem to create anypromise but only highlights a certain rot in the society that needsto be put into consideration keenly. This is because in most scenesthe film seems to glorify the extravagant lifestyles that theperpetrators seem to enjoy after committing the offenses and therebycreating an illusion of how greed is good and legal at the same time.On the other hand, there was a failure to depict the torment of howthe victims of such scums undergo as a result of a financial loss inthe very hands of the people they entrust as custodians who wouldspearhead investments on their behalf.


Asfor this, the audience expectations seem not to be met since the filmdoesn’t address the issue in depth. Institutions and individualswho are on the forefront of such vices seem not to face the fullforce of the law as it would be expected or bear thoroughconsequences for their acts. After their mean ways, they seem to belet loose or face lenient charges. As a wake-up call, this creates apicture whereby impunity is applauded thereby overall leading tomoral decadence in the society on how people undertake theiractivities. These thoughts need to be addressed since the practice isstill existent till this very moment and is viewed as being normaland okay in total contrast to the reality.

Thefilm on the above subject lets down the audience on explainingremedies to the monster that is the rot in the financial industryinstitutions whose sole aim is depicted as only self-enrichment withdisregard to the other societal segment thereby raising the alarm onswift actions and development of policies and regulations to remedythe vices and ensure fairness in the handling of the matters on allparties involved in the matters.

Arethe expectations being met?

Proceeding,the film doesn’t seem to substantiate the expectation of theaudience. Affected individuals don’t seem to get justice for theoffenses committed against them. This is a failure as the film couldhave incorporated ways on how to follow up the matter to get justicefor the victims who bear the consequences in the long run. The issueis diverted, and the victims are sidelined hence distracting thefocus on the wrongdoers who deserve punishment.

Inconclusion, the film generally is of good rating and fun to watchsince it clearly reflects on a real issue that is the root in thefinancial industry putting into consideration the ugly side of WallStreet in how it conducts its activities that lead to negative impacton the society due to intense level of greed for self-fulfillment atthe expense of others thereby creating a need for creation ofpolicies to regulate and tame the menace.


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