The Two Interactive Learning Activities

TheTwo Interactive Learning Activities

The presentation on the core tenets of the constitution will focus onthe audience that has a group of K-10 students. In this case, it isclear that the group f K-10 students has mastered a number of issuesabout the government and they might use that knowledge in explainingsome of the core tenets even without hesitation. Apart from that,they will have an easy time understanding what the core tenets areafter I have described each of them. Clearly, the lesson requiresactive participation to ensure that the students grasp everything asrequired. For instance, the incorporation of two interactive learningactivities will be quite effective in getting the attention of thestudents and introducing them to the topic that we will be focusingon.

In this lesson, I will place the students into groups of 4-5 studentsand use case studies and problem-solving learning to ensure that thestudents understand what we will deal with. For instance, each groupwill tackle a case study on the core tenet and answer the questionsat the end of the entire scenario. For instance, the conflict willpresent a case where the President has declared war on a foreigncountry and has already sent the military to begin the fight. On theother hand, the Senate has disputed the act, and they want to pass aclause that will give them the power to make the military come back.At the end of the case study, I will want the students to identifythe two arms of the government involved. They should also reveal thecore tenet that is evident in the case. Lastly, they should alsoillustrate what the US Constitution says about the whole scenario.The case study and the questions will present a problem-solvinglearning since the students will work as a group in answering thequestions and that will provide perfect background information forthem.

Later, the next interactive learning activity will includerole-playing that will make sure that the students grasp some of theimportant issues on the topic. In this case, the perfect introductionis quite important in shaping the success of the lesson too. Forinstance, the role playing will look at the functions that one arm ofgovernment does that also affects another arm. I will ask some of thestudents to be federal judges others will be the members of theSenate while two of them will be the President and theVice-President. In this case, I will ask the President to appoint thefederal judges and take the names to the Senate to make sure thatthey approve the names handed to them. On the other hand, the Senatewill approve and decline certain people appointed based on theirfactual reasons. The Vice-President will also act as the leader ofthe Senate and guide them in making some crucial decisions. I willask the students to identify the core tenet that was evident in theentire scenario. Their description will reveal the essence ofrole-playing since they will be able to master the responsibilitiesthat each of them is supposed to undertake. Their answers will revealthe amount of information they have. In fact, they will be able tocritique each other and acquire a vast range of information evenbefore the lesson begins. In the end, the concepts of the lesson willstick in their minds as well.