The Pact


ImportantFactors in keeping Rameck Out of trouble and into Success

ImportantFactors in keeping Rameck Out of trouble and into Success

Mostliterary authors attempt to encourage their audiences to followcertain practices and roles to attain success and avoid variousobstacles in the course of their lives. One way the writer achievesthis intention is by &quotthepact three young men make a promise and fulfill a dream” (Daviset al., 2013).Thisis among the most influential books that highlight temptations in thecity, the pitfalls and the jail life that these three doctors gothrough before they can make a pact (AC).Subsequently, they decide to live a new form of life and focus ontheir goal of becoming doctors. In this sense, it is a depiction thatthe unscrupulous life can be stopped to start a new lifestyle thatcan lead to the desired prospects.

TheLife Encounters and Success of Rameck

Beforethe three boys made the decision to focus in life, they were alwaysinvolved in various criminal offenses. However, after they made thepact, their life started to change and they made a lot of efforts toevade trouble. Also,they worked hard towards the attainment of their successes (TANs).Nonetheless, they were able to achieve this attribute andaccomplishment with the help of specific people as well as theinvolvement of some elements in the surrounding (Daviset al., 2013).Several factors help the three boys to keep out of trouble and torealize their successful lives as doctors.

Inparticular, for Rameck, he could be part of a powerful friendship.Together, they decide that they can beat the odds by collaborating.As such, in the story, they manage to change their lifestyles and thelives of other people. One of the reasons that orchestrate thetransformation of Rameck is the promise that they would all becomeprominent doctors. Together, they also assured each other that theywould stay together throughout their long and the arduous journey ofaccomplishing their goals

TheExperience of Fatherlessness

Nevertheless,there are particular incidences, which lead Rameck to attain hisdream contrary to the two other boys he had a loving mother. Unlikehis peers, Rameck did not have the chance to live with his father. Inparticular, he had the experience with a father who was in jail for along time (AC).It is through this fact that he got the courage to do his thingsdistinctly in order to succeed in life (Daviset al., 2013).All he wanted was a life that was completely different from what hisdad went through after his arrest for armed robbery. Moreover,his father had struggled so that Rameck and his half-sister couldhave the best life (TANs).However, this was not possible since he was detained this is one ofthe main reasons Rameck decided to stay out of trouble to fulfill hisdreams and desires. He wanted to help his mother by helping improveher living conditions.

Perseveranceand Determination

Inhis path to success, Rameck encountered many obstacles, which madehim determined to have something to look back on after he hadattained his career (AC).Through this, he got the direction from his friends and learned howto plan and make strategies for a long time. In addition, he got thedetermination from his mother who believed in him and motivated himto pursue his ambitions.

HeLearned From His Mistakes

Asa youngster, Rameck depicts that encountered a lot of trouble.However, he learned from the many mistakes he made. Further, heresolved to attain something immense than what he had been exposedto. He had lived within a community that practiced several criminalactivities, such as drug peddling. He thought this was not righthence needed to be changed. For instance, after beating up the seniorman and finding himself in juvenile detention, he vowed never torepeat such vicethiswas the beginning of his great transition (Davis et al., 2013).


Thereare a lot of written stories that act as encouragement to thereaders. Davis Simpson achieves this by initially portraying histhree main characters as being carefree and rowdy. As AfricanAmericans, they had nothing to toil. However, they later make theprudent decision of reforming. This makes them to study hard toachieve their visions of becoming doctors. In this sense, the book isinfluential because it is an indication and manifestation that theresolutions and decisions in life can be accomplished when a fewactive efforts and changes are made.


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