The perks and advantages thatcome as a result of being born white are huge. Although one can’tconsider white culture, being of other race socially classifies oneto be of a non-white culture. Statistics show that if you are whiteand with better grades than your Hispanic or African American decentclassmate, one gets better options from high-quality colleges andinstitutions. Being white also comes with the advantages of lessscrutiny from law enforcers this is evident from the few incidencesrecorded from police confrontation with white suspects or ratherindividuals, as compared to other nonwhite suspects (Grossberg,2014).Typically, the western culture is adopted in most places in the worldthus it is easy for any white individual to fit to most of thelifestyles around the world. This way I am more advantaged since Ican easily interact with various people around the world and exchangeideas easily.

Being white also has socialdisadvantages such as being considered ‘un-athletic.` Statisticsshow more African American basketball athletes than the whites.Colleges and institutions go after more athletic players whom mostare from nonwhite cultures. Standpoint theory suggests that it comesfrom the necessity to get along with the dominant class for thereasons of survival. The pressure that comes along trying to fit insay a basketball team in college is very high. Usually, playersexperience thoughts of inequality when trying to get along. Otherplayers will be comfortable as compared to us. For instance, it isnormally believed that the blacks are better basketball playerscompared to the whites. When I was playing basketball representing myschool, I felt disadvantaged in some way since I could not match theintensity that was set by other players. I was not able to make it tothe team because of the pressure I felt for being awarded moreplaytime than teammates who were outright better than me just becauseI was white. This I felt to be unfair because of the effort that myteammates put but I was given more playtime despite my averageperformance.


Being white comes with being‘socially privileged’ in America today. The opinion that thereexists no difference between being an African American and beingwhite or of any other descent is not widely shared. It can be arguedthat being Muslim one can be distinguished from the socialconditions, while race and economic views are often neglected and nottaken into consideration.

Everydaylife provides deeper guidance to the relevant issues, for instance,oppression. This can be the most important source that maintains onestandpoint view.

The same way African Americanpersons feel oppressed about a particular system in America is thesame way an individual in North Korea or Northern Uganda feels badabout the system. The difference comes in when the African Americanperson does something about the impression she or he faces anddoesn’t do something about it. However, the ‘socially oppressed’people in North Korea speak out or go on to educate themselves aboutthe oppression they might face. In conclusion, a person’s culturedetermines how easily they will fit in the community and some of theprivileges that they might get.


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