The character of Dabang


Thecharacter of Dabang

Dabangrepresents a character who thinks that his decisions do not havesignificant effects on the lives of others close to him. He assumesthat granted an opportunity to go back in time he can change an eventin his time without such changes starting a chain event that willcause changes in the lives of others. He presents a character of aself-centred individual who believe the world revolves and bends tohis will. He also presents the character of a person who isunwavering in his decision. Even after his friends make solidarguments as to why someone should not go back in time and changepast occurrences, he still sticks with his idea of the positives ofgoing back but acknowledges the strength of the case presented by hisfriends.

Dabanghas the following claims. Firstly, he believes if he goes back intime he can erase an embarrassing fall that had happened recently.Additionally, he claimed that he had a lottery card where he missedby a single number which denied him from becoming a billionaire. Healso makes a claim that if he had won the lottery, he would neverhave to work for all his life. He supports his billionaire argumentby saying he had a ticket that missed the jackpot

Persuasivetechniques are very important when one tries to manipulate others toview things from his point. Dabang does not use ethos to try and gainthe confidence of his friends by convincing them that his intentionto go back is in good faith. Additionally, he does not use pathos toappeal to the emotions of friends. However, in his last statement heapplies logos by trying to make an argument that all of them had adifferent opinion and wished them well. The persuasive techniqueallows a person to appeal to the reasoning part and come up with anagreement even when there are opposing views.