The best way to be safe on the internet.


Thebest way to be safe on the internet.


TheInternet has become a useful platform in the current era when seekinginformation about any subject. Students are among the greatestbeneficiaries because they can search for information about theirstudies from the internet which is more convenient in comparison tothe traditional methods. However, it is imperative for the studentsto understand that the information on the web does not undergo anyapproval before posting for public use. As a result, there is a needfor website evaluation to determine which sites are more or lessuseful. A proper website evaluation requires skepticism,pre-evaluation, and critical evaluation through information qualitytests to come up with a decision on which site is helpful.

Thebest way to be safe on the internet


Itis unquestionable that the internet comprises of high-qualityinformation. Nevertheless, a significant amount of wrong informationis also available in the web. For a student to be able to make aproper decision about which website is more useful than the other,they need to develop a skeptical attitude (Rocha, 2012). Such anapproach will help the student seek additional information about aparticular subject as well as the incorporation of critical thinkingon information from the internet thus helping them decide on theusefulness of a website.


Beforecarrying out research from the internet, it is paramount tounderstand what one is looking for as well as the purpose of theresearch. The student will then be in a position to narrow down thesearch engine and test the sites against the research goals. Such amove will enable a student to identify more useful sites from theless useful ones.


Criticalevaluation is the most crucial process in website evaluation. Itinvolves considering the relevance, reliability, accuracy, purpose,publication, authority, documentation, and the perspective of thesite (Rocha, 2012). A student researching the internet shouldquestion the importance and trustworthy level of the site. Again, itshould be clear concerning the reason for the creation of the websiteand the intended audience. The author alongside their viewpointtowards the creation of the site and the direction of shapinginformation are also imperative in the determination of usefulness ofa website. The time and medium of publication are as well crucialdeterminants in the usability of a website. These pointers willenable a student to make the right decision regarding the usefulnessof a website.


TheInternet is a valuable source of information but caution should beemployed when sourcing information. Several factors such as skepticalattitude, pre-evaluation, and critical evaluation incorporate aproper website evaluation. Undertaking these processes enable astudent to decide which sites are useful or less useful than othershence ensuring proper use of the internet as a means of research.


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