The Best Place to Take a Vacation

TheBest Place to Take a Vacation:


TheBest Place to Take a Vacation

Withthe world full of fascinating holiday destinations, choosing aperfect place to take a vacation can be challenging for many people.Travelers evaluate the suitability of a location based on differentfactors such variety of attractions, accommodation, and diningoptions that a destination has to offer (Davidson, 2016). Moreover,the choice can be determined by the transport prices as well as thepreferences of the vacationers. Some people prefer an adventurousholiday that includes activities such as swimming, hiking, andskiing. Other travelers choose a location that can offer funindividual and family activities as well as an opportunity to learn anew history and culture. Therefore, the best vacation destinationwould be Hawaii in the United States because it offers diverseactivities, unique historical background, and exciting culturalevents.

Hawaiihas a wide variety of natural scenery ranging from its tropicalclimate, active volcanic activities, to its large public beaches inthe oceanic surroundings (Davidson, 2016).Theisland is endowed with unique and diverse plants and animals due toits environment, which is characterized by tropical climates, extremeattitudes, and arid shorelines.Moreover, thebeaches offer perfect conditions for adventurous tourists who enjoyskiing and swimming (Davidson, 2016). The island has interestingparks and recreational centers such as the Volcanoes National Park,the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, and the FrenchFrigate Shoals (Davidson, 2016).

Theregion also has a rich historical background, which led to theformation of national historic sites and parks (Davidson, 2016).Hawaiiwas a monarchy until 1893 before white settlers overthrew it andlater became a republic until 1898 when it was changed into UnitedStates’ territory (Davidson, 2016). The earliest occupants in theseislands date back to around 300 CE based on archeological evidence.Additionally, Hawaii has interesting cultural practices, which arederived from the residents’ customs. The locals engage in varioustraditional events such as the annual Merrie Monarch Festival, whichis a huge attraction for tourists (Davidson, 2016). Besides, theresidents in the regions are known to be friendly and engage invarious activities with the visitors such as dancing and site seeing.For example, vacationers enjoy watching the locals dance to theHawaiian music that incorporates both traditional and popular styles(Davidson, 2016).

Onthe other hand, the accommodation in the island serves as a majorattraction to people as it offers options that are elegant, butaffordable to most people. Resorts also have an attractive appealbecause they are located along the vast and beautiful beaches of thePacific (Davidson, 2016).Besides,transportation in the islands has been enhanced to ensure a constantflow of traffic, which makes it easy to visit different places aroundthe island (Davidson, 2016).Hawaiiis connected to the rest of the world through Honolulu InternationalAirport. Furthermore, the island has a system of state highwaysconnecting it with public bus systems, which operate in differentlocations within the state (Davidson, 2016).

Lastly,a vacation is meant to be an enjoyable recreational experience thatbreaks the routine of attending school, work, and tedious dailyactivities. Therefore, Hawaii offers some of the best holidaylocation due to its unique culture, rich historical background, anarray of flora and fauna, natural and attractive beaches, as well asaffordable accommodation in lovely resorts. The island is not onlyideal for recreational activities, but it also offers the vacationersan opportunity to learn new traditions. Accordingly, Hawaii makes asuitable destination that meets the travelers’ diverse needs andpreferences.


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