Textual Analysis


MichaelJackson’s Heal The World

Wheneveran artist sits down to compose a song, there is always more than justthe intended face value of providing entertainment. In this regard,artistes habitually integrate social and cultural messages in theirentertaining compositions. This paper is a textual analysis of thesong HealThe Worldby Michael Jackson. Arguably, HealThe Worldis a song that has social significance in the world because ittransmits strong social messages.

HealThe Worldis a beautiful song from Michael Jackson’s 1991 Dangerousalbum. Conveying strong social messages, Michael Jackson composedthis song in the midst of the Cold War period that lasted from 1985to 1991 (Perk). Per se, this song was appropriately released todisseminate messages of social cohesion to a social environmenttarnished by hostility between the Soviet Union and the UnitedStates. Adored by many of his fans, this particular song stayed atthe top of the charts for more than 33 weeks.

Thefirst social message Michael’s song conveys is the necessity ofnurturing love for a better tomorrow. In the introductory line,Michael says that there is a place in the hearts of mankind, and heknows that it is “love” (Par. 1). And if they (mankind) reallytry to find love, they’ll find that there’s no need to cry (Par.1). To reiterate his message, he says that there is a love thatcannot lie. Michael says that love is very strong. He says that loveonly cares for giving joyfully (Par. 4) Set in the backdrop of theCold War, this song was socially significant because it propagatedthe message that if humanity would try to nurture and cultivate love,they would realize that there was no need to engage in hostility.

Thesecond social message HealThe Worldconveys, as the title suggests, is that of healing the world to makeit a better place. In the chorus, which is repeated severally by theway, Michael pleads with his listeners to heal the world and make ita better place for the entire human race (Par. 3). To connect hislove theme, Michael says that through love, the human race willdiscover that there are people dying and if we care enough for theliving, then everyone should make the world a better place (Par. 5).To express his repulsion by the social environment of the Cold War,Michael questions: “Then why do we keep strangling life? Wound thisearth, crucify its soul?” (Par. 6). To this effect, this song wassocially relevant at that social setting because it transmittedmessages of humanity coming together to heal the world making it abetter place for you and for me.

Thethird social message of Michael’s song is a blueprint on how toimplement these sought after changes on earth. Now that he haddiscovered the issues of the world, Michael thought it wise toadvance a solution as well. In his song, Michael says that the humanrace can create a world with no fear, in which together, we will cryhappy tears but only after nations have turned their swords intoplowshares (Par. 7). Here, Michael is saying that love can benurtured, and the world can become a better place: when fightingnations down their weapons. In this regard, Michael Jackson’s songwas a socially significant song because it provided solutions to thesocial and cultural problems that ailed the society then.

MichaelJackson’s song HealThe Worldwas a socially significant song when it was produced and is stillappropriate more than twenty five years later. Composed and producedin the backdrop of the Cold War, Michael’s song was sociallyrelevant because it propagated messages of love, care, and positivechanges in the universe. Undoubtedly, the song still has socialsignificance in the contemporary society for the strong socialmessages it conveys. Even after the death of Michael Jackson, hissongs still transmit pertinent social messages.


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