Team Work Self Assessment

TeamWork Self Assessment

Teamwork describes a group of people that will combine their skillsand knowledge in working towards a common goal. The best team needsto have various important characteristics that will keep the memberstogether. For instance, the team members are expected to participateactively in the process of making decisions. The members are alsosupposed to be great listeners that will consider the opinions thatothers offer and still give some thoughtful feedback as well. Theyshould be supportive and trust the opinions that others might offer.

A good team member should be able to share opinions that arefree from personal feelings, and they focus on the thoughtfulopinions on the problems that the group is facing. He or she shouldengage with the other members in the decision-making process to makesome informed choices. The team will also need each member to trustand support the other members. One is also supposed to own anyproblem and avoid blaming others for the mistakes that arisen fromtheir decisions. Looking at an opinion from multiple points of viewis also critical in ensuring that a team member understands what theothers are doing.

A bad team member often is unwilling to share opinions with the otherteam members as they aim at achieving common goals and pursue theirpersonal goals. In some cases, they will blame others for themistakes committed and make excuses if they fail to meet the goalsthat the group has. At times, they end up being pessimistic andbelieving that every opinion will not work, and that undermines theprogress that the team wants to make.

As a team member, I will have to be supportive and consider theopinions that others have. I will also listen to what other memberssay and offer thoughtful opinions that will improve the group. Apartfrom that, I will own each mistake I make and avoid blaming any othermember because of the uninformed decisions made. Evidently, suchcharacteristics will be efficient in making the group achieve thecommon goals.