Talk Cards Question 1



Dr.Martin Luther King Jr in his speech ‘I have a dream` he usesdifferent talk cards. He uses leader card, victim card, citizen card,visionary card, philosopher card, religious card as well as fathercard. These speech cards aim at passing different points to differentaudiences among them political leaders, Negroes, and futuregeneration.


KingLuther`s use of multiple cards helps him in achieving his goal. Theleader card majorly communicates to Black people as well asrepresenting their grievances. He acts as the voice of people. As avictim, he analyzes the plight of blacks at an individual level. Whenhe ventures into religion, he gives people hope that things will bebetter. As a citizen, he highlights where his country needs to get.


Theuse of above listed multiple cards was wise of Dr. Luther. However,he would have added critique card analyzing the other side of thewhites. It would serve as a comparison of the plight of blacks aswell as the comfort of whites. It would also release a clear pictureof disparity of races. However, it would add some bitterness to theNegroes as they would pity their predicament.


‘Ihave a dream` is a formal speech that exhibits the power of words.One would not stop at liking the speech but also believing inconviction and hope in these words. Today one would view it as afulfilled dream.


Dr.King aimed at giving Negroes hope that things will be better infuture. At the same time, he passed some information to theoppressors that unless there were equal rights to the whites andblacks, the country would not achieve greatness. The audience of hisspeech made of blacks aimed at deriving hope from his words. However,there are those whites who aimed at hearing what he had to say aboutrace disparity that was ambivalent at the time of speech.


Thechoice of talk cards helps him achieve his goal. To give hope to theblacks, he applies victim card as well as citizen card and fathercard. He explains the changes he expects as a victim of colorsegregation. As a leader, he tells the oppressors that they long forequal rights in action not simple documentation in a bill of right.


Thereciprocal card that Dr. King wanted to invoke to his audience washope card. He wanted them to hope for the best despite unfulfilledpromises. He also wanted them to believe that there is a brighterfuture. Since the nation was aiming to achieve the greatness he hadalready proposed that equal rights were vital. He wanted the audienceto put aside hatred and bitterness and have faith that equality wouldknock their doors one day.


Dr.King not only gave people hope, but they also acquired satisfactionand comfort. In a world that Blacks were neglected, there was hope ofacceptance. They felt that there was strength in words said and thatthese words would go a long way to fight for their freedom. The heavyweight of discrimination was offloaded, and they left perceiving abright future.


Dr.King successfully motivated his audience. It is evident in the waythe United States has turned out today. The blacks acquired developeddreams of acquiring equal rights, and they achieved it eventually. Itwas not only accepted but also acted upon. His speech turned aroundlived of many.