Thebenefits of Human Resources to business was to be determined in thestudy. The human resource is a team of administrative functions,employee relations with the management of performance as well asresource planning. Human Resource Management is a process that isresponsible for checking how employees are treated in the firm. Humanresource planning describes how businesses ensure that theiremployees are qualified to do their various tasks.

Totest the hypotheses as well as address the research questionspresented in the study, both face to face interviews andquestionnaires were administered to help gather information from thetarget population. The study assumed that only the independentvariables affected the results of the study and not any otherextraneous variable. The study mainly depended on the data that therespondents provided thus the accuracy of the data depends on theinformation given by the respondents. Other limitations included lackof enough finance, time constraints.

Fromthe study, it was found that there is a correlation between theeffectiveness of human resource management and business performance.The human resource department has the following benefits to anorganization staffing, training, compensation, retention, addressingissues that arise within the workforce, employee protection, as wellas compensation of the employees. The need for a human resourcedepartment varies with the size of business. For a simple businesslike the sole proprietorship, it would not be economical to establisha human resource department. However, when operating a business thatemploys more than say fifteen workers, a human resource departmentwould be necessary. It is recommended that news systems be employedin business to make management of the human resource easier.