Story Pitch Assignment


Dear Ms. Mary Ellen Podmolik,

Chicago Tribune

I have come across information that I hope will interest you. I havelearned that the Red Cross and partners are planning to install45,000 smoke alarms in homes across the United States beginning thisOctober. The project is expected to take one year with the objectiveof reducing home fires and deaths by 25%. Additionally, the Red Crossand the partners expect to collaborate with fire departments andcommunity groups across the country for the identification of homesthat have the highest risk for fires.

I am sure you are aware that fire accidents across the country haveskyrocketed in the recent past. In response to this, the Red Crossand partners will teach families basic fire security procedures asthey install the smoke alarms. The Red Cross says that pilot programshave saved 110 lives so far and that they look forward to expandingthe program to cover many other homes that are at risk of fireaccidents.

There are many organizations and groups that have tried to teachfamilies safety procedures and fire accident prevention measures.However, I believe the approach adopted by the Red Cross and thepartners is revolutionary because of its unique advancement andscale. For instance, the Red Cross will be collaborating with over3,600 partners and youth volunteers to make the project a success.The Red Cross hopes to make a meaningful impact in thousands of homesacross the country.

In line with the above, I hope the program will interest you. I willbe glad to hear from you soon concerning the project.

Yours Sincerely,