Sports Event Management Professional Interview

SportsEvent Management Professional Interview


SportsEvent Management Professional Interview

Me:What motivated you to undertake a career in sports event management?

TaegunAn:To begin with, I got my motivation in sports management from thepassion I had towards all sporting activities. My interaction withdifferent professional teams and organizations during my high schooleducation inspired me more to pursue my career. I also need to savesome money for my postgraduate degree in the United States.

Me:For how long have you done this job and how has been your experienceso far?

TaegunAn:I have been in this industry for two years now. Working as a personalhealth trainer has been an amazing experience. It is one of thosecareers which you feel like doing over and over again.

Me:What does a career in sports event management entail and what do youdo on a day to day basis?

TaegunAn:Sports event management has a broad range of options for graduates.For instance, they can be personal health trainers like myself. Also,they can work as administrators, entrepreneurs or even in the mediaor as public relation officers. On my day to day duties, I enlighten,motivate and monitor the progress of our clients. I also help themsuccessfully carry out their physical activities.

Me:What does it take for one to be successful in sports event managementindustry?

TaegunAn:Each and every industry is competitive. However, there are a few tipswhich can enable an individual to prosper. They include high levelsof discipline, hard work, commitment and willingness to learn.

Me:How has the sports event management industry changed recently?

TaegunAn:Technology is one of the most crucial milestones whose effect can befelt in this industry. Machines and other sophisticated equipmenthave been invented over the years hence facilitating the work ofprofessionals in the field.

Me:What is your advice for aspiring students?

TaegunAn:To all those students who are aspiring to develop their careers inthe sports management industry, I would like to encourage them to bepassionate and work hard. Further, students should have the motive ofdiscovering new things through learning

Me:What is your career path as far as the sports event management fieldis concerned?

TaegunAn:I am going to advance my education at Indiana University. After whichI will use my skills to improve the lives of people by teaching themmore on healthy lifestyles and the importance of being physicallyfit.

Me:Thank you very much, sir, for taking your time to share suchinspiring, enlightening and educational information with me.

of the interview

1.Taegun An ‘s source of motivation to undertake a career insports event management

Sincemy childhood days, I have always had a strong passion towards health.Last week I had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Taegun An who worksas a personal fitness trainer in South Korea. The interviewee startedto develop an interest in sports event management field right from mylower classes in school. He was always fascinated by thesignificance, dynamism, needs, complexity and all aspects which dealwith the management of sports (Sportmanagement digest, 2015).In his high school studies, Taegun had the opportunity to meet andinteract with various sports organizations as well as otherprofessional teams. The experience he gained played a substantialrole in motivating him to pursue a career in sports. Apart from that,his interest was also driven by the need to raise some money so thathe can advance his studies in the United States as an internationalstudent. That’s why he was trying to save as much as possible fromhis job earnings so that after a given period he will be able toenroll for his graduate degree. Also, Mr. Taegun An has worked as apersonal health trainer for two years.

2.What sports event management entails and the interviewee’sduties on a day to day basis.

Duringthe interview, Mr. Taegun attested that sports event management has abroad range of options for graduates. They can work in youthrecreational programs, in leagues, professional competitions as wellas various international events (Sportmanagement digest, 2015).Also,he noted that Individuals who work in the sports industry do notnecessarily have direct contact with the spectators or participantsof a given game. The industry has a broad range of positionsbeginning from administration entrepreneurship, marketing, media andpublic relations. However, as a personal trainer, the intervieweeeducates, inspires and coaches clients so that they can effectivelyfollow their schedules and programs. On top of that, he helps hiscustomers with their workouts and other physical exercises (Sportmanagement digest, 2015).Moreover, he gives advice to his clients on nutrition, health as wellas lifestyle changes. Lastly, he is responsible for checking,recording and monitoring client progress and advice accordingly.

3.What it takes to be successful

Firstof all, Mr. Taegun stressed the importance of discipline. He saidthat it is an essential aspect both in sports event management and inother fields. It helps individuals resonate and interact well withother people within the industry. It also enables one learn to gainmore experience thus enhancing their personal competence,professionalism, and effectiveness in executing their duties (Sportmanagement digest, 2015)Additionally, commitment, dedication, resilience and hard work arealso other traits which cannot be snubbed. Each and every career hasgot challenges. Therefore, the qualities will help one handle andaddress various hurdles that they are likely to face subsequentlyincreasing their chances of success.

4.Reforms in sports event management industry

Ideally,the world is becoming a global village with the advancements intechnology. The interviewee affirmed that the sports industry isincreasingly becoming automated with more and more innovations. Thishas helped individuals in the in the field to keep themselves with upto date information. That has enhanced our skills and knowledge.Equally important, complex machines and equipment for training andperforming other sports activities have been made available becauseof technology (Sportmanagement digest, 2015).Thathas made their work easier.

5.Advice for aspiring students

Tomotivate students interested in developing their careers in sportsevent management, Mr. Taegun emphasized the importance of workingtirelessly towards achieving their goals. They should be passionateabout the job because it has a lot of opportunities which will enablethem to develop individually and also professionally (Sportmanagement digest, 2015).Also, they should realize that learning is a continuous process. Theyshould also be eager to gain more skills and knowledge related to thefield to improve their credibility and effectiveness.

6.Mr. Taegun’s career path

Forthe interviewee to grow at a personal level as well as job wise, hewill be pursuing his graduate degree from Indiana University (IUPUI)successfully. After his graduation, he will be able to get FLSAF.With the knowledge and skills gained from hiss studies, Taegun willbe in a much better position to help out people make healthierlifestyle choices(Sport management digest, 2015).That will entail encouraging sportsmen and women to stop harmfulhabits which might have adverse effects on their lives. Besides, heis anticipating that his career will be vital in bringing unity tothe team and the society as a whole.


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