Bill Gates notes that ‘never before inhistory has innovation offered promises of so much to so many in soshort a time’. Technology has revolutionized the way human kind goabout with their daily endeavors. One of the most intriguinginvention that has a changed the way one would view their life is theTime Machine. The Time machine will enable an individual to forwardtime back and forth. Therefore, buying a time machine will beimportant to an individual because he/she can go back to the past orgo into the future.

A Time Machine will enable you to go backto your past life. This is one of the important reasons why one needto think of buying a Time Machine, with its ability to rewind timeyou will be able to make changes in your past life. As human beings,we have done some terrible things that we would pay any price to havethem erased from our memory. With the purchase of the Time Machine,one can be able to change the bad things they did and live anenjoyable life free of regrets.

Secondly, a Time Machine will enable you tolook into what will happen in your future by taking you from thepresent time you are living. It is important to know what will becomeof you in the future. In case the future holds bad life experiences,by the use of a time machine you will be able to focus on how youwill avoid life bad experience, as you will be approaching thosemoments of life. This will help you to live a purposeful life thatyou will decide personally.

To wrap up, buying of a Time Machine willbe helpful since you would have solved life mysteries that normallycomes as surprises also we can help solve our past mistakes in life.Not only will the Time Machine help us change our experience, but wecan also choose to live life best moments.