Sore Throat



Asore throat refers to irritation, itching, and pain in the throat(Rutter,2016).When one has a sore throat, they have difficulty swallowing liquidsand food. The primary symptom for a sore throat is throat pain. Thereare other symptoms that indicate a sore throat, and they includehoarseness, white patches on the tonsils, the glands in the neckswell up, and a consistently dry throat (Rutter,2016).The causes of a sore throat are many, but the most common are throughviral infection, bacterial infections, and environmental factors. Theenvironmental factors may include exposure to allergens that maytrigger postnasal drip, sleeping with the mouth open that lets in dryair to the throat making it feel scratchy and raw. Exposure tocigarette smoke leads to sore throats and yelling, or too muchtalking may upset and stimulate a sore throat. The symptoms of a sorethroat vary between ages.

Commoninfections lead to a symptom of a sore throat manifesting itselfthrough a fever. In this case, the upper respiratory is infected byviruses and the throat gets irritated. Hence, the irritated throat ora congestion within the nasal passage will advance to attack thethroat and form ulcerations that form on the lining of the pharynx inthe tonsils. The result is a burning sensation in the throat thatincreases as one cough or clears the throat. Additionally, there isalso a physical discomfort experienced as a result of the fever. Thisis due to the rise in body temperature implying that it is hard forme to participate in my daily routine.

Secondly,the headache results from the muscle strain at the throat. It occursfrom the over-strenuous work performed by the throat if you screamfor long periods. Because of the wrong usage of the throat muscles,the defense mechanism of the throat is to cause the brain induce aheadache that follows after a chronic throat pain.

Finally,the general tiredness from the sore throat occurs after gettinginfected by the sore throat through viral and bacterial means. Theinfection of the throats leads to development of chronic fatiguesyndrome, which accounts for the general body weakness even when thepatient engages in very light physical activities. The generaltiredness ranges from mild to severe, with the weakness of the bodyincreasing as the condition gets to severe.

Inconclusion, there exist treatments for a sore throat for your casewith a persistent sore throat. Ibuprofen and Paracetamol work to calmthe nerves of the throat, and taking plentiful of warm fluids reducesthe pain around the throat region. More so, it is imperative that thepatient stays clear of the allergens that may stimulate a sorethroat.


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