Sonography and Ultrasound

Sonographyand Ultrasound

Sonographyand Ultrasound

Theproblems associated with the organ leads to hematuria that is alsolinked to pain in the abdominal region. Notably, there are caseswhere extreme issues allied to the organ result in a condition knownas the rupture of an aortic aneurysm. Sonography could be identifiedas a case of obstructive uropathy, which majorly means that the organhas some infection and is, therefore, not able to carry out itsprimary functions effectively (Blok &amp Hoffmann, 2016). The testcould reveal that the problem was caused by other factors among whichinclude renal colic. Intensely, this condition is one, which bringsin lots of pain on the individual who is affected. Consequently,individuals become unable to go ahead with their normal activities,and there is a high likelihood that such persons could needhospitalization so as to undergo full care of health professionalswho will be capable of assuring them proper care.

Oneof the primary causes of the condition is the blockage of some of thetubules that are connected to the said organ. Such a case leads to ahealth problem known as ureterolithiasis. As a result, the situationhampers the proper flow of different elements among the connectedbody parts, thereby interfering with the general performance of thebody to its maximum capacity (Blok &amp Hoffmann, 2016). There arealso situations where the organ could become more dilated which isfrequently referred to as hydronephrosis, thereby affecting itsoptimum performance. In instances where this issue is more enhanced,the parenchyma of the organ could shrink significantly. In caseswhere the situation persists for long, the function of the body partdeteriorates for good.


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