Social Stratification in the United States

SocialStratification in the United States

Socialstratification is a process of classifying social classes within asociety. It also relates to a situation whereby the relationships anddivisions of social inequality have formed a system which determineswho gets what, why and when. The topic I want to address is povertybecause some Americans live below the poverty level. Poor people aremostly found in the inner cities and others in the rural south(Beeghley 25). The gap between the wealthy and deprived people is notall about who can get a yacht, but it touches almost every aspect ofdaily lives such as career prospects, job opportunities, healthfacilities, education opportunities, and security.

Accordingto research, the increased number of deprived people is caused byunemployment. Many manufacturing companies are located in suburbanareas while others have been moved to other countries. Venturing inother countries happens either because there is cheap labor or thelaws encourages venturing of new businesses (Beeghley 25). Thetechnology in the U.S. is growing at a high rate suppressing theemployees to be highly skilled, flexible and quick learners. Thesoutherners are composed of inadequate job skills and low level ofeducation therefore not aggressive to the potential employers.

Atleast 12 percent of the US the total population encompasses highschool drop outs where most of them come from the southern regionswhere the level education is low (Beeghley 25). The widening gapbetween the rich and the poor has fueled a class-based socialdisconnection and has led to inequitable educational results.Disabled kids from wealthy families usually have higher chances ofexcelling in education than capable kids from humble backgrounds. Theimpoverished people are exposed to health problems such as high bloodpressure, heart diseases, and mental illnesses. The poor people alsohave low life expectancies because of consuming imbalanced diet. Inconclusion, a culture of poverty is a thing that is passed from onegeneration to another. Parents should inspire their youngsters towork hard and mostly in education to break the vicious cycle ofpoverty.


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