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Sociologicalimagination involves day to day interpretation of how events occurit means in what way outcomes of doing things manifest themselves.Besides, it can be viewed as a branch of study that tries to explainthe occurrence based on different perspective vividly. Sociologisttends to explain the different behavior of a particular societyexistence. Intensely, Sociological imagination can be termed as astudy of human society existence or occurrence (Mills,2000).The sociologist develops a theory about how people interact byobserving about different cultures and their general reaction atdifferent scenery influenced by temporal and spatial scale. Forinstance, it’s hard to explain why women wear both dresses andtrousers while men don’t wear dresses. Is it culture or taboo formen not to wear dresses? Clearly, this can have an endless discussionas different people will have different ways to interpret why and howthey choose to dress.

Tobe a sociologist one should avoid emotional attachment whiledescribing outcomes as this will be centered on the intimateunderstanding of circumstances. For example, many individuals can askthemselves how judiciary operates. Does it mean that the judges andmagistrates have the power to influence any occurrence by giving theverdict? Although they are subjected to emotions, they are guided byprofessionalism and work ethics. Or how does the government operate?The work of a sociologist is to develop theories grounded on testedfacts rather than what ought to be (Mills, 2000).

Theconcept of sociological imagination aims at studying man as a systemrather than an isolated component. Notably, to successfully execute aresearch, it is better to understand the history and significance ofthe problem statement as this will ensure that focus is on the stateof the issue rather than the expected outcomes. A sociologist willhave an empirical picture to guide them about the complexity of thestudy area and thus a clear idea of what is required before carryingout the research work.

Indaily life, people are subjected to making a decision they ought tochoose the best action basing on their interest. For example, why dowe have different Christian religious domination? They use one famousbook, i.e. the Bible. It is all about personal behavior andinterpretation of things and circumstances. The difference inreligious denomination can be attributed to the freedom of worship.

Sociologicalimagination tends to explain human behavior based on a joint study ofpersonalized choice. Therefore, a sociologist can be able tomanipulate how people react to problems in the society. Theimagination works by relating societal structure to individualchoices. It employs the bigger view of an essential societal trait toexplain the nature of different cultures.

Sociologicalimagination ought to mold the society by offering a solution based onpersonal context experiences to remedy some of the societal problems.For instance, the vast number of unemployment of a particular groupof people, though educated, has resulted in a political scrutinyapproach to address the situation. Consequently, this means thatunemployment has not resulted from the lack of education, but ratherdue to political influence within the society.

Inconclusion, to develop a better and different community, applicationof sociological imagination will enable pointing out the historicalbackground of social problems, and develop alternative mitigationmeasures to avert the probability of similar matter replication.


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