Six Traditional Values in America

SixTraditional Values in America

Fora long time, the United States has been considered by many people tobe a land that is full of opportunities. Therefore, America is a landthat has people from different parts of the world. People migratedfrom all over the world to look for chances to improve their lives inthe U.S. The opportunities and experiences that people obtained inAmerica led to an emergence of a set of values and beliefs. Thisessay will discuss two of the American values namely, individualfreedom and self-reliance as well as equality of opportunities andcompetition. A discussion as to why these values have remained thesame will also be provided and an argument why these values areunique in the US.

IndividualFreedom and Self-Reliance

Historically,individual liberty was created in America through the control of thepowers that were given to the government and the elimination offormal aristocracy (Goldstene,2014).In the U.S, freedom means that all citizens of America have the rightand desire to manipulate their fortune without being controlled bythe state, politicians, religious leaders or any other individual inauthority. Freedom in the United States is different because of theway it is safeguarded by the government and persons as well. TheAmericans believe that they have to be self-reliant to enjoy fullindividualism. The Americans think that they have to find a solutionto their problems, take care of their needs, and fight for theirrights by all means possible for the sake of freedom. Besides, thereare human rights activists in the US that enlighten people on theirrights and advocate for the rights of those who are oppressed. Inthis regard, the value of freedom has become a fundamental right thatis enjoyed by all Americans. Also, the value of self-sufficiencycontinues up-to-date, and it is like a culture that is passed downfrom one generation to another. Self-reliance has remained the sametoday because the Americans have an extraordinary slogan that saysAmericans do not have a loan from any man, do not seek help fromanyone, their destiny is in their hands, and they standalone(Goldstene,2014).This is a distinctive belief that drives the spirit of self-reliancehigher in the US. Moreover, the value will continue to hold inAmerica because the children in the U.S are trained to be monetarilyand expressively independent from their parents at a young age(Goldstene,2014).As a result, the kids will grow up believing in themselves and beself-determining. For example, most students in America do not askfor upkeep cash from their parents because they search jobs whichthey do alongside their studies for upkeep. In the United States,people attend schools of their choices and do businesses which theydesire.

Equalityof Opportunity and Competition

Americais a unique place because of the way it provides equal chances to allcitizens. Individuals migrate to the United States because there is aunique conception that America gives its citizens equal chances tojoin the race of getting success (Goldstene,2014).However, equality in the US is different from the way it is in othercountries. In America, it is like a race for everyone to participate.Competition must be present in the race, and it is the price paid forthe equality of opportunities. Equality and competition are alsounique in America because they are instilled in individuals throughdifferent ways and hard-work. This value has remained the same in theU.S because titles of nobility are forbidden by the AmericanConstitution so as to prevent an emergence of a formal class systemin the country. This has ensured that all people have equal chancesto get rich, regardless of whether an individual was born in a pooror wealthy family. Furthermore, in the United States, competition inlife begins when people are young, and it is encouraged untilretirement. In America, children are taught how to competeeffectively in sports as well as participation in public works(Goldstene,2014).

Inconclusion, individual freedom and self-reliance as well as equalityof opportunities and competition, in the United States, have madeAmerica be a place that is desired by many people all over the world.Furthermore, they discourage laziness, and that is why most Americansare wealthy.


Goldstene,C. (2014). TheStruggle for America`s Promise: Equal Opportunity at the Dawn ofCorporate Capital.Mississippi: University of Mississippi.

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