Short Term Effects of Dental Disease in Children


ShortTerm Effects of Dental Disease in Children

Dentaldecay is a chronic contagious disease found in both children andadults. It is caused by sugary foods or Streptococcus mutans bacteriawhich affect the tooth enamel. The research is carried on dentalcaries in children which are also referred as early childhood caries(ECC). The importance of the research is to diagnose the possibleshort-term effects of ECC found in youngsters. The survey wasconducted in dental clinics and at homes for children aged 2-5 yearswhich was the inference and data analysis method was used to reachconclusions. The research shows that the prevalence rate of ECC hasdeclined in the western nations, but teeth decays in infants who havenot attended school are diagnosed in all countries in the world. Therate in prevalence caries in children from developed countries rangesfrom 1% to 12% while high decays prevalence was found in developingcountries (Çolak et al., 2013). Bad oral health and poor dietscontribute to ECC. Streptococcus sobrinus and S. mutans are bacterialmicro-organisms which produce acid in the mouth that damage teethstructures in the presence of glucose, fructose or sucrose (Çolak etal., 2013).

Ifa child happens to have dental decay, he or she can be affected bothphysically and psychologically (Çolak et al., 2013). The growth,speaking, chewing, socializing and tasting of food in a kid isaffected and can lower the self-esteem. Children’s dental cariescan cause pain and restlessness that can lead to chronic,disfigurement and acute infections in kids and have altered sleepingand eating behaviors. A kid may get hospitalized and spend high costson treatments and in the meantime lose the school days affecting hisor her learning routine. The rate of growth and weight gain can bereduced due to inadequate food consumption. The ECC can be preventedby taking balanced diet, reduce consumption of sugary food, educatingpeople about oral health among others.


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