Sherry Turkle Connected, but Alone

SherryTurkle: Connected, but Alone

SherryTurkle: Connected, but Alone

Inthe present day, the modern technology is all around us. It hassubstantially reshaped our lives in a way that could not have beenanticipated twenty years ago. Some people embrace this change, aswell as look forward to what awaits in the future. Indeed, technologyhas transformed human beings. In her talk “Connected, but alone”Sherry Turkle discuss about technology, and its disadvantages. Shesays that people are using it to connect with their friends andfamily. They are spending much time in the virtual world thanfocusing on the real world. For this reason, she urges that peopleare lonely though they are together.

Likewise,I also spend a lot of time on the internet. I connect more with myfriends through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, andInstagram, among others more than I do face-to-face. I have alsodiscovered that whenever people gather for a particular purpose, somewill divert to their devices and start making online connections.

Iagree with Dr. Turkle argument on technology. It has a significantinfluence on our social interaction. People are now using theirphones to seek communication, companionship, and acceptance. Insteadof relying on other people around them, they are relying on theirmobile devices. Turkle (2012) explain that whenever a person needs tointeract socially, he or she turn to the phone rather thansocializing with the people in the same room or environment. Shepoints out that these little devices in our pockets have changed thenorms of the society. People are now texting during class lessons,family gathering, board meeting, and other circumstances that involvehuman relationships. Although internet brings us together, it as wellleads us apart from the real world.


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