sammy ap

Sammywas tracking the girls’ progress around the store, and theytemporarily disappear, and he could not see them. He wonders wherethe girls will reemerge and in this case he compares the store to apinball machine. Imagery has been used by Sammy to describe thestore, and this creates an imagination on the reader’s mind. Thereader can easily imagine how the three girls are rolling in the“pinball machine” which means the store and going through themachine’s tunnels meaning the store’s aisle.

Sammyclassifies the people who come to the store using different namesdepending on the customer’s reactions, how they talk, look, dress,walk, act, shop and think because of his contemptuous attitude. Thisshows that Sammy does not know how to relate well with people. Forinstance, he calls them sheep. Sammy compares customers to thembecause he observes that they are all alike in thinking, the way theydress and talk and move. He also calls one of the customers a witchbecause of the way she reprimand him because of some mistake he haddone.

Onthe other hand, he describes the girls as queens because of the waythey walk gracefully with their necks held high and the way they weredressed. Sammy admires the freedom of these girls and he is majorlyinterested in one lady and names her “Queenie”. Most of thecustomers that come to the store are of the same socioeconomic classand are easy to understand because their lives are simple, unlikeQueenie who was sophisticated and Sammy observed that she must havecome from a rich family.

Sammyquits because he wants to get Queenie’s attention and associatehimself with her world. His efforts, unfortunately, go unnoticed, andhe has to live with the consequences of his words. This makes himquit his job, which was sudden and despite his ability to observeothers, he had turned a blind eye on himself.

Sammy’ssympathy on the girls leads him to confront the manager forquestioning the girl’s dress code. He later makes a statement thatforces him to quit the job, which to him gives him a chance forfreedom. On the other hand, his parents will be saddened becausetheir son will have no income and their relationship with the storemanager might be ruptured due to their son’s behavior.

Again,Sammy loved the store when it was not busy because it gave him achance to observe the customers and admire the girls who came toshop. On the other hand his parents were not happy because it meantthat the store will make less profit and workers will be kicked outof the store hence rendering their son jobless perhaps.