Samaritan`s Purse



TheSamaritan’s Purse encompasses an evangelic Christian-basedhumanitarian organization put in place with an effort of providinghelp to persons in physical needs as a mandatory and importantportion of Christian evangelist escapades. Franklin Graham, the sonof the renowned televangelist Billy Graham is the president of theorganization (Shahid,2013).The organization’s name emanates from the New Testament parable ofthe Good Samaritan, where Jesus uses the parable to show people onepractice of the greatest commandment of love (The Bible). Theorganization is staff driven whereby donations are distributed by aboard of directors depending on the need of the particular country.The Samaritan’s Purse operates in over a hundred countries acrossthe globe. Additionally, the organization has since its inceptionbeen a critical financier and donator for the Carlien Japheth AfricaRelief which has its tasks in both South Sudan and Kenya (Shahid,2013).The humanitarian works done by the collaborative efforts of the twoorganizations in Kenya and South Sudan has helped to improve thelivelihood of vulnerable widows and orphans tremendously.

TheSamaritan’s Purse international headquarters is located in Boone,North Carolina with extra amenities in North Wilkesboro andCharlotte. Moreover, additional offices globally have their locationin Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Netherlands andthe United Kingdom. Consequently, Samaritan’s Purse outside officesare in more than twenty countries spread over the five continents(Steinberg,2011).Bob Pierce, the organization’s founder, founded it in 1970 with theaim of meeting emergency aid in crisis-hit areas using the prevailingevangelical infrastructural national churches and mission agencies.Pierce also oversaw the founding of the World Vision in the 1950s. In1973, Pierce met up with Franklin Graham with whom they made severaltrips together visiting missionary partners and relief projects inAfrica and elsewhere (Steinberg,2011).Eventually, Graham became Samaritan’s Purse president in 1979 afterthe tragic death of Pierce in 1978.

Theorganization from that time has been growing in lips and bounds andis now not only funding mission partners but ventured into developingit`s large-scale relief activities and projects aimed at making adifference and putting a smile on the faces of the less fortunate. Provision of medical care has for long been at the top of theorganization’s priority list. Samaritan’s Purse went a notch ahigher and provided the medical care for people in the midst of theSomali conflicts of 1993, Sudan since 1997, Rwanda in 1994, Iraq in2003, Kosovo in 1999 and Afghanistan in 2002 (Steinberg,2011).Repairing and rebuilding of thousands of destructed houses are alsoamong the specific projects that the organization’s boasts indoing. After Hurricane Mitch, Hurricane Katrina, Indian Ocean Tsunamiand El Salvador earthquakes Samaritan’s Purse delved into thesituation and wreckage and helped rebuild houses for the affected.

Samaritan’sPurse also charters emergency airlifts to Pakistan and Indonesia.Moreover, they have been at the forefront of distributing relief foodto thousands of aggrieved and evacuated people specifically in Darfurand Uganda, war tone areas (Weaver,2012).The organization is currently carrying out medical missions inLiberia after the Ebola scare and eventual outbreak. The organizationin partnership with other NGOs such as SIM USA has been activelyinvolved engaged in helping treat the Ebola hemorrhagic fever in theWest African region (Weaver,2012).It has helped to evacuate over 60 supplementary personnel fromLiberia. The organization has its involvement in the operation ofaircraft to help support its humanitarian relief works includingDouglas DC-3 and the Douglas DC-8-72CF jetliner with turbopropengines.

Samaritan’sPurse mission statement clearly and categorical states that they notonly seek to meet physical needs but also physical needs of peopleaffected by poverty, war, famine, disaster, and disease, with theintent of worldwide evangelist work assistant on humanitarian help.The Samaritan’s Purse focuses on service for the global church inan effort of propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ (Weaver,2012).The organization seeks to specialize in shelter, emergency relief,sanitation and water, medical care, public health, food andnutrition, HIV/Aids and community-based livelihood and livestockprojects. It Turn on the Tap campaign has received global recognitionin helping to offer safe and clean intake water for the emergingnations (Weaver,2012).The Samaritan’s Purse also has projects such as Disaster Reliefthat responds to the emergency situation and the World MedicalMission which enables doctors to serve both long-term and short-termassignments to help relieve pressure from overwhelmed missionhospitals.

Theorganization is known to receive its funding from both well-wishersand church members affiliated with it. In the fiscal year that endedI December 2014, the organization generated more than $376 million.More than 89.3 percent of the amount directly goes to the project6.2 percent on fundraising and 4.3 percent goes to helping inmanaging its administrative duties. Samaritan’s Purse for itscommendable work has received a 4 out of 4 rating from CharityNavigator, the monitoring organization (Weaver,2012).However, the organization has also been on the receiving end such asthe time it was served with a lawsuit. For instance, there was a timewhen two men from Sudan were kidnapped while carrying out operationsand working for the organization. The two were released after beingheld for nearly three months (Weaver,2012).Consequently, the two had the organization, and the securitycontractor sued. Nonetheless, the Samaritan’s Purse carries acommendable job in an effort of making the world a better place.


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