Rhetoric Analysis Chicago needs more #BlackBoyJoy

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RhetoricAnalysis: Chicago needs more #BlackBoyJoy

The article “Chicago needs more #BlackBoyJoy” by Jadamsillustrates how the black boys should not reveal their emotions inpublic except anger and sadness. In particular, the article is asummary of a lesson that the author, who is also a teacher, had withhis class in Chicago. He reveals the passion and the deeper knowledgeon the issue as he uses reason to explain some concepts such as theconnection between emotions, femininity and homosexuality. Clearly,the article uses rhetoric in presenting the arguments that alsoappeal to the audience. He incorporates the use of logos, pathos, andethos that clearly captures the attention of the audience. This essayreveals how the article uses rhetoric appeal and it helps the authorillustrates the challenges of the black boys and showing theiremotions making the argument more effective.

The author uses pathos while explaining the challenges that the blackboys in Chicago have to undergo while expressing their emotions. Morespecifically, he believes that the black boys are expected to hidetheir emotions just because their society says so. For instance, hereveals that “in spaces where masculinity is policed, where areblack boys allowed to express emotion or embrace each other withoutthe urge to say ‘no homo?’” (Jadams, Para 10). The statementmakes the audience think about the association of emotional boys andhomosexuality. In fact, it also invokes emotions among the audience,and that is a positive aspect that shows how the author uses thepathos appeal. The approach works and makes the argument moreeffective since most people can relate to such issues as well.

The author uses ethos when he reveals that he is one of the peoplethat grew in the neighborhood and he knows how the society looks downupon the black boys. That aspect clearly nurtures the speaker’scredibility in giving the lesson since the students believe that heis a black man that grew up in Chicago. It helps in making theaudience believes in his lesson since he states that “growing up onthe South Side of Chicago, I felt a sense of obligation to our city”proving that he is one of them (Jadams, Para 1). The fact that he isalso an accomplished teacher makes him a better person to handle theissue since he finds a way to give the larger picture of the problemillustrated in their society.

Lastly, the authoralso uses logos in the article since he incorporates logic and reasonwhile explaining the connection between the black boys and theiremotions. The approach makes the article more effective since theauthor uses logic and that associates the way black boys aredescribed in the society. For instance, the author reveals that “thegeneral consensus amongst my students was that the only emotions menare “allowed” to show are anger and sadness” (Jadams, Para 7).The statement reveals the way black boys should not express theiremotions since it is considered as a feminine character. Moreimportantly, the approach works effectively, and it strengthens theargument that he presents. In fact, the use of reason also gives thearticle a professional and an academic perspective that is clearlyimportant in the end.

In conclusion, the use of rhetoric is effective since it sets thecontext and it appeals to the audience making them understand theconcepts quite clearly. For instance, the use of ethos shows that theauthor is the appropriate person to present the argument. The use ofpathos incorporates emotions that also appeals to the audience asthey understand the struggle that the young black boys in Chicagoundergo. The use logos also fuse reason in the arguments proving thatthe issue of black boys and emotions can be analyzed from an academicperspective.

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