Response to Soojin Initial Post


Responseto Soojin Initial Post

Idecide to wait for the AG to calm down and be able to listen andunderstand where I am comingfrom.When she returns,we continue with our normal conversation without referring to thematter on the missing records, while taking the responsibility offilling in all the information onthe computer from the paper (Pattersonet al. 2012).The next day in the morning I approach the matter again. Before westart talking, my explanation to AG is of finding a solution to theissue that we are having of missing records. She sits calmly andlistens, proceeding on to explain to her my expectations for her andwhere assistance is required to make her work easier. She says thatshe has been spending more time with the patients and thus lacksenough time to record the information. I try to see sense in herargument but again I tell her that she should try and accomplish allthat since that is within her job responsibilities (Ellis,2006).My explanation to her is that since before she was coping with itunless there is something being done differently. After pointing thatsomething is wrong somewhere, she confesses that she has been havingher personal problems, thus, decreasing her effectiveness (Pattersonet al. 2012).We agree that we shall both try to find help for her for things to goback as they were previously. Also,I offer to help her during the few days before she recovers from hersituation by stressing that it is important to share one`sproblems or seeking professional help so that it does not affect ouroutput.


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