Response to Erica`s Initial Post Grand Theorist

Responseto Erica`s Initial Post: Grand Theorist

Responseto Erica`s Initial Post: Grand Theorist

Inher post, Erica Herrera acknowledges the dynamic and comprehensivenature of Betty Neuman’s model. In the actual nursing practice,the System Model perceives people as vulnerable organisms as they arealways in continuous interaction with their environments (McEwen&amp Wills, 2014).The model centers on the reactions between individuals andenvironmental stressors as well as the factors required to enablethem acclimatize to or alter the stressors.

Asan individual in nursing, Herrera does the right thing byacknowledging the importance of Neuman’s model. The model supportsthe idea of teamwork and the relevance of continuous education. Theseare crucial subjects in the development of clinical systems. Neuman`sconcern was that the role of nursing should focus on addressing allof the issues affecting a patient’s response to constant worry(White&amp Dudley-Brown, 2012). Herreravisualizes health on a continuum involving illness and wellness. Inher perspective, the nursing module is to support or maintain thestability of a client by evaluating the stressors and environment.Herrera understands that adaptability is what supports theadjustments required to gain optimal wellness.

However,Herrera describes her view of the client`s environment as a structurewhich must always involve survival mechanisms. This may not always betrue because the aspects of defense may sometimes not work. Alligood(2013), purportsthat defense against stressors may not always be possible if thereare other factors that cause instability (Alligood,2013).Moreover, a basic structure of the environment has the inner corewhich is shared by every group of living things. Within the core,there are genetic compositions, temperature ranges, responsepatterns, organ features, as well as ego structures. If one of thesefactors fail to be compatible with the environment, it may not beeasy for an individual to acclimatize to or alter a stressor.


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