Responding to Classmate Post

Respondingto Classmate Post

Respondingto Classmate Post

Responseto First Post

Howis the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) applicable in the nursingenvironment? The post effectively indicates how the SDLC is useful inthe practice of nursing. They both aim at solving problems in thesociety. The SDLC provides an information system that addresses theneeds and interests of the organization effectively and efficiently(James, 2014). The SDLC enhances the performance of nursingprofessionals in health institutions. This is because it improvesresearch knowledge generation and information exchange that enhancethe quality of health care offered by the nursing staff. The postshows the correct steps of the SDLC. These steps are: understandingproblem or need, analyzing the potential solutions, formulating andadopting the plan, evaluating implementation process, and maintenanceand review. Health professionals like nurses and physicians use theSDLC steps to plan, adopt, and review information systems thatimprove the quality of health service given to patients. Theinformation systems that are important in the health sector are theHealth Information System (HIS) and the Health information Technology(HIT).

Responseto Second Post

Howare nursing professionals involved in the planning and implementationof the computerized systems? The success of the SDLC is ensured whenhealth professionals are involved in the design, adoption, and reviewof the information system. The success in the health context isdetermined by enhanced health care quality and effectivecommunication or information exchange. The success of the informationsystem is ensured through proper SDLC. The post indicates a correctunderstand of the SDLC process. It involves planning, developing,testing, and implementing the information system (Post &ampAnderson, 2013). The information systems that are adopted in thehealth institutions using the SDLC approach are Electronic HealthRecords (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Healthprofessionals like nurses and physicians are the key users of theinformation system. Effective SDLC enhances the performance of thehealth professionals because of easy access to research, diagnosis,treatment, and care information.


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