Responding to Classmate Post X 2

Respondingto Classmate Post X 2

Froman individual’s perspective, professional organization andpolicymakers have become increasingly interested in the satisfactionof the patients and physicians in the examination room. As a result,they have advocated for the adoption of technology in the delivery ofhealthcare services. I agree with the post that Electronic healthrecords (EHR) help in uplifting the standard of healthcare services.Although there are drawbacks about the implementation of EHR, itsbenefits will always outweigh the drawbacks. It is now possible toaccess an individual’s medical records irrespective of geographicallocation provided one is authorized to log into the system. The majorsetback has been as result of confidentiality concerns. Some peoplehave questioned how safe the system is especially considering currenttechnological developments (Charles, D., Gabriel, Furukawa, 2013).Cyber security has become a very controversial issue with some peopleclaiming that the databases can be hacked and valuable confidentialinformation stolen.


Charles,D., Gabriel, M., &amp Furukawa, M. F. (2013). Adoption of electronichealth record systems among US non-federal acute care hospitals:2008-2012.&nbspONCdata brief,&nbsp9,1-9.

Iagree with the views of the author of the post that there is a needfor mass education to ensure that people have the right informationabout EHR. In order to fully adopt the system, existing stereotypesthoughts and unnecessary fears must be handled properly. This willensure that patients make informed decisions. One of the majordisadvantages of using EHR has been that it reduces thepatient-doctor interaction because of automation of many things.Sometimes one might feel that the medical officer in charge does notcare about the emotional needs of the patient or that thepractitioner is not evaluating their health needs with the urgencyrequired (Singh et al., 2015). This can have some adverse effects ontreatment. Additionally, it is true that the government and theentire health care fraternity have an important role to play to makethe program a success. The government can start by putting in placepolicies to safeguard patient’s privacy and ensure that vitalrecords do not get into the wrong hands.


Singh,R. P., Bedi, R., Li, A., Kulkarni, S., Rodstrom, T., Altus, G., &ampMartin, D. F. (2015). The Practice Impact of Electronic Health RecordSystem Implementation within a Large Multispecialty OphthalmicPractice.&nbspJAMAophthalmology,&nbsp133(6),668-674.