Research Paper – Texas Gubernatorial Campaign


ResearchPaper – Texas Gubernatorial Campaign

Bitziwas born Jane Johnson Miller, in 1977, in the neighborhoods ofNorthern Dallas Texas in a family of four. She has one youngerbrother, Thomas Carnegie, who currently works with the Departmentof Homeland Securityin Texas. Bitzi attended the Summit International School beforeenrolling at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for anundergraduate degree in computer science in early 2000. Bitzi workedfor Foxconn Inc., a subsidiary of Apple Inc. in China, as a systemsdesign expert for a period of three years after which she enrolledfor a master’s degree in international relations at the HarvardBusiness School.During her studies at Harvard, Bitzi made significant contributionsto the institution. She came up with a debate union composed of sixfemale undergraduate scholars, who discussed contemporary issuesfacing women, and how to influence policy to favor gender equalityacross different social and political spheres.

Bitzifather, Mr. John Miller alias ‘Big Daddy’, served as the Governorof Texas between the years 1954 – 1958. As a result, the 40-yearold Jane Miller has grown to appreciate the American politics andmost of her friends consider her as a fervent conservativeRepublican. Before working as an assistant secretary at a publicoffice in Texas, Bitzi was the founder, director and the chiefexecutive officer of BigTech Co.before Dell acquired it for $2.5 million in 2014. Currently, JaneMiller is vying for the Texas Gubernatorial seat. She integrates asolid background in business and politics, and her academicpre-requisites positions her among the most educated and well-exposedcandidate of the Gubernatorial seat. Bitzi also possess exceptionalcommunication skills since she has an award from Oxford and StanfordUniversities for the best speaker of the year expos.

Culturaland Regional Support

Bitziwas born and brought up in the sub-urban neighborhoods of NorthDallas, where her father served in various political capacitiesbefore being elected as the governor. The sub-urbans of North Dallasare occupied majorly by rich conservative Republicans where Mr. JohnJohnson, Bitzi’s dad, had significant political and socialinfluence. It is important to note that the candidate has directinfluence over this region of Texas because of her father’s formerreign and her childhood background over this specific geopoliticalarea. Before enrolling for a Master’s degree at the HarvardBusiness, Bitzi worked with the Mayor of Austin Mr. Clarence Thomaswhere she familiarized herself with pivotal issues facing a majorityof western and Southern Texas. The company that Bitzi sold, the BigTech Co.,was located in the central part of Texas and it engineered manycorporate social responsibilities including feeding the needypopulations across Dallas, and the organization awarded 20scholarships every year for Dallas top-performing students at collegelevel. The organization has previously been involved in theestablishment of social support services in the form of child laboradvocacy, advocacy in green production, oppression, family violence,drug and substance abuse.

Thisanalysis supports that Bitzi is a renowned figure in leadinggeo-political areas across Texas. Her home is located in the NorthernDallas meaning that she is likely to gather influence across thatspecific location. Her friends across the neighborhoods and inchurches are likely to back her influence across this region.Additionally, given that her father was a major influence in the richconservative Republicans, Bitzi is likely to have an easier timecampaigning in those areas of Dallas. While working under MayorClarence Thomas, Bitzi acquired a significant political exposurewhere she engaged with leading political personalities, like thespeaker of National Assembly and the Ministers of the Foreign Powers,who paid visits to the Mayor.

Itis mature supposition to note that in the three years that JaneMiller worked for the Mayor, she gained a rather structural, yetquite informed political perspective of Texas. Most importantly isthat the candidate has a good network of influential political headsthat are likely to give her the much-needed strategy, outlook, andresources for her campaigns. The Big Co. presence in the central partof Texas, coupled with its CSR contributions throughout the reign ofBitzi gives Miller a competitive advantage over major competitors forthe gubernatorial seat. Her company, as appraised above, was involvedin many social activities, and it championed essential programs aswell as initiatives for the people of Texas. As such, even as sheprepares to undertake campaigns, Bitzi has a conspicuous politicalimage across Texas, and her background, both professional andpolitical, tables the necessary pre-requisites as the desiredcandidate for Texas Gubernatorial seat.


Texasboasts of 25.1 million people as par the 2010 population. Thepopulation has grown with a consistent rate of 4.2% over the lastdecades and sources support that the State is the second mostpopulous in the nation (Riddlesperger et al. 2015). 70.4% of thepopulation is composed of the White Americans followed by 11.8%African Americans, and Asians Americans dominate a minimal 3.8% ofthe population. Most of the inhabitants are Evangelical Protestantsrepresenting 64.4% of the population followed by Roman Catholics at21.2%. The Whites dominate specific regions of Texas like theEastern, Northern, and Central parts of the State (Maxwell et al.2014). From the above review of the demography of the State, it ispossible to speculate and to draw suppositions with regard to Bitzicampaign outcomes.

Thereis great possibility that Jane Miller will gather significant votesfrom female voters. Owing to her gender and the exposure she gatheredas a founder of a female union during her studies at the HarvardBusiness School, Bitzi is likely to win the votes of women across theregion. Jane Miller is also White, and this affiliation expands heropportunities as well as her capacity as a White contestant. 70% ofthe population is made up of Whites and this means that Bitzi can tapinto that advantage to beat her closest political competitor Mr. JohnAshley, a black candidate. The candidate is also likely to garnermore conservative votes since Texas has for the last 4 decadessubscribed to the conservatism view (Maxwell et al. 2014). Her dad’sinfluenced combined with the overall political outlook ofconservatism across that specific geo-political location of Texasfurther puts Bitzi at a unique political standpoint.

Underthe realm of social class, she will win significantly from both themiddle and the high-class. Miller family is a highly influentialsocial group that has run business across the region, fromagriculture to technology and mining. Her close association and adiverse network of the rich class across Texas give Bitzi thenecessary support from the two social classes. Other than the middleand the high class, Bitzi may potentially appease to voters from thelower class. The social initiatives and programs run by her formercompany BigTech Inc.put the image of Bitzi on the chart as an executive who champions therights of the poor. It is important, however, to note that hercompetitor John Ashley grew in the poor parts of Texas. He thus hasbetter influence over this particular social class of voters.


Thefirst strategic campaign theme for Jane Miller is the tax and budgetreform that seeks to lower the income taxes of different socialclasses. The policy also seeks to expand access to credit from boththe banking and financial institutions by Texas small andmedium-sized enterprises. The impact of this bill will directly befelt by Texas residents who look forward to raise their consumptionrates and household incomes. Reduction of interest rates will alsoaugur well with the business class and farmers across Texas.

Thesecond campaign theme for Jane Miller is equity for Lesbians, Gays,Bi-sexual, and Transgender people who are currently facing staterestrictions. Although the U.S constitution restricts States frompreventing LGBT associations among individuals, there is nospecificreform that seeks to grant the rights of association and freedom tothe LGBT communities and individuals (Espinoza, 2015). A centraltheme for Miller’s campaign will be to support all the bills thatfavor LGBT associations, union groups, and communities. Bitzi is astrong believer that everyone has the right and the liberty to excisethe freedom of marital association. Given that there is a risingconcept of the LGBT equality Bitzi will definitely leverage this asa principal part of her campaigns.

Fundingschools and access to affordable healthcare is the third strategicpriority in Bitzi upcoming campaigns. The campaign will be centeredto establish more than 20 high-schools, to fund research in higherlearning institutions across Texas, and to establish elementaryprograms for reading and writing. Other than expanding the walls ofacademia across the State and supporting policies that advance thequality of education, Bitzi will also ensure every household hasaccess to quality healthcare. Part of her initiative is to engineer ahealthcare program that seeks to bring nurse-managed clinics acrossthe sub-urbans of Texas. Practitioner-managed clinics andarrangements will not only lower the cost of healthcare, they willequally advance accessibility of primary medical care across discretepopulations of Texas.

Winor Lose – Predicting Bitzi Political Outcomes in Texas

Att.Greg Abbott victory over Wendy confirms the continued Republicandominance across the Texas region (Hennessy-Fiske, 2014). The TexasDemocratic Partyhas remained uninfluential for the last three to four years and the2014 Abbott victory was a result of the party’s politicalsuppression. More clearly, the Attorney general won owing to hispolitical background that is strongly favored by fellow Republicanswhose dominance in Texas political affairs cannot be undermined.

Inanother article, Wendy Davis defeat can be attributed to the factthat she did not possess a significant political exposure than hercounterpart Att. Greg Abbott. With unparalleled experience in theTexas politics, the attorney general has gained a solid perspectiveand outlook of Texas, has better connections, and is well-suited in aState he has served as the attorney general for a period of more thansix years (Roth, 2014). It can therefore be surmised that bothcandidates share contrasting political experiences with Abbott havingthe upper hand in terms of both exposure and academic pre-requisites.

Thefinal article is published by the PWA research source that appraisesthe strategy used by Abbott campaign to give him an edge over SenatorWendy. As opposed to talking to different classes of voters andpopulations, the campaign system deployed by Abbott relied ontechnology, public opinion, and demographics (Carney, 2015). Thesuccess of the Republican candidate employed a mixture of tools thatacted in silos among them digital ad, predictive analytics, fieldoperatives, data management, buying/optimizing media and polling. Thecampaign was also centered on specific audiences as opposed toappeasing different populations of voters (University of Texas,2016).

Basedon the above three articles, it is possible to predict crucialpatterns for the election outcomes of Bitzi as a Gubernatorialcandidate. Her political record, childhood background and exposureposition her uniquely because Texas politics are significantly shapedby Republican supporters (Aaronson and Ramsey, 2014). Her influencein both business and politics places the candidate for thegubernatorial position. It is important to note that as the 49thcandidate of the Texas governor position, Jane Miller correlates tothe former runner’s up Mrs. Wendy Davis. Texas may consider givingthe next position to a female candidate. Finally, the campaignstrategy that Bitzi will leverage is the single-most determinantfactor of the ultimate outcomes.

Shewill settle on a base-scoring approach and system that will utilizeboth dynamic modelling and predictive analytics across all elementsof her campaign. This analysis supports the campaign methodology thatBitzi will decide to use is an independent factor across the line ofcandidates. As such, she should work with tested-and-provenapproaches to ensure she achieves the desired influence acrossvarying demographics. Personally, I believe that the success of JaneMiller alias Bitzi lies central to her campaign model. Any otherfactor like her racial background, political exposure, professionalpre-requisites, and her inherent skills position her competitivelyfor the Texas Gubernatorial position. She will surely win by alandslide.


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