Report of Medical Sales Consultant Interviews

Report of Medical SalesConsultant Interviews

As a Human Resource Manager, I wouldhire someone who has experience in the medical field, sales, andmarketing. The person should be able to relate well with customersand should be ready to work for long hours throughout the week.According to Rummler (2012), the would-be applicant should be wellinformed on the medical vocabulary, as well as technology. Besides,they should be hardworking, result oriented, and competent for thecompany to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Ren Sanspit has experience in themedical field he also has a lot of time because he is currently notemployed and is willing to devote his time for sales. However, he hasarthritis and travelling a lot, as well as working for long hoursmight make his condition worse. Angie Gram is an expert in themedical technology he knows how to relate to people and improvinghis communication skills. However, he has no experience in sales.Medica Seles has five years’ experience as a medical salesconsultant (Ingram, 2012). She is ready to relocate to Kansas Citywhere the job is positioned. However, she might not fully devote hertime because of the wedding plans. Karen is well versed with medicalterminology she has experience in the therapeutic field, she ispresent to travel and work for extended hours. However, she has noexperience in sales and medical technology.

I would choose Medica Seles for the jobbecause she has been a Medical Sales Consultant before hence, she isexperienced. She is industrious and result-oriented because she wasawarded the sales consultant of the year in her previous job. She hasa degree in Healthcare Informatics I believe she suits for the job.Due to her experience, she will be able to restore the salesdepartment back to its position as a crucial resource of the firm.


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