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1.Response to Ayleen’s post


Yourpost brought into light the emotional feelings felt by new studentsduring enrolment processes to college experience. There are usuallymixed feelings since one feels excited to finally joining college andalso scared to transition into a new life. I like the way you havementioned the full benefits that come with college experience whichincludes developing social skills and also discovering personalcareer preferences. In addition, you have also mentioned theorganizational benefits that come after college education. Finally, Ienjoyed the motivation factor that is carried by ‘Defying Gravity’song mostly aimed for international students. Your rating hits a 5.

2.Response to Gloria’s post


Iloved your brilliant post about the numerous opportunities thatcollege experience offer students. In particular, your post wasmainly focused about learning other cultures and embracing them. Ifelt that most of the times students think that they appear differentfrom everyone else because they come from unique environmentalbackgrounds. The truth is that everyone else is having the samefeeling since college experience is new to every student. Inaddition, the fact that we are a diverse community with uniquecultures, we should take this opportunity and learn from each other.Your post’s rating is a 5 and was on point.


3.Response to Guanrus’ post


Yourpost was mainly focused about translation and different languages.You mentioned about the need of understanding and learning Englishlanguage. The reason that you have given in your post is because itis known as first language and it is commonly used in educational andprofessional settings. In addition, in your post I liked your uniqueperspective new languages that go hand in hand with their cultures. Iliked your post and give it a rating of 4.

Thank you