Reflection paper on my experience to the Chesapeake Bay

Reflectionpaper on my experience to the Chesapeake Bay

Myexperience at Chesapeake Bay was amazing. It changed my entireoutlook on ecology and the need for environmental conservation. Theexperience was a unique one in its way because I felt close to anindependent ecosystem. The program gave me an opportunity toexperience nature and learn new things in a very interactive way.

SinceI have always been keen to details, I was able to learn about hownature supports itself in an ecosystem. I was very eager tounderstand different parts of the environment like the Bay, theRappahannock, and many rivers contribute to the ecosystem (Horton,2013). In the end, I realized that the human’s way of life borrowsa lot from the natural order. For instance, each part of theecosystem has a role to play, the same way people have theirdistinctive contributions to the society. Perhaps with thisknowledge, people can come up with new and efficient methods ofmanaging global warming and other adverse weather conditions such asdrought.

Apartfrom the fun and beautiful scenery that I enjoyed, I believe thatChesapeake Bay enabled me to sharpen my interpersonal skills. Weinteracted with each other during the visit and at some point, wewere required to work as a team to get things done. This enabled meto develop effective communication skills that I believe are and willbe very useful as I advance in my career.

TheChesapeake Bay has significantly influenced my perspective of lifeand human society as a whole. I believe that humanity should alwaysstrive to have an established order for the common good. As ateacher, I would greatly encourage my students and everybody to visitthe Chesapeake Bay to have an experience like mine. Besides the vastknowledge that one obtains from there, he or she can interact withnature and have a peaceful and quiet place for personal reflectionaway from the busy and noisy urban streets.


Horton,T. (2013).&nbspTurningthe tide: saving the Chesapeake Bay.Island Press.