Race The Power of an Illusion Episode 1


Race:The Power of an Illusion Episode 1

Race:The Power of an Illusion Episode 1

Race:The power of an illusion episode 1: the difference between us is aone-hourvideo clip produced by California Newsreel. The video clip provides aclear and detailed investigation ofthe concept of race within the society. The movie which is aneducational documentary also focuses on the scientificand historicaloutlook on the ideaof race and color. The particular series provideadetailed demonstration of some of the key challenges affecting anindividual’s most fundamental belief inhumanity. The video which isdividedinto somedistinct biological groups openly explores how scientific discoverieshave affected the art of biologicalrace. In the video, the term “biologicalmyth” describes a scientific misconception that race is abiological concept. Ethnicity is a powerful idea brought about bycultural, social and political standings, thus projecting realconsequences on the lives of the affected people.

Aftera careful analysis of the content ofthe article, “The changing face of whiteness” I found theunderlying sentiments and the continued evolution projected on thewhite population impressive. Despite the manybiasestabled on the non-white population, the white population isfacedwith increased alienation within the society. In most cases,not every white group that exists in America holds adequate routes inthe country. For example, with the changing face of the world, anyindividual currently born in the United States can be fullyintegrated intothe American population. Regardless of the ethnic variation, asingleborn of Kenyan or Italian origin within the United States can becategorizedas white. That reason behind the grouping is the American history,which provides adequate institutional substandard that seek to ensurethe diversification of the concept of whiteness within the globe.

Inthe article, when the writer states “the definition ofwhitenessis and has always been changing” he means that with the concept ofwhiteness is mainly based on pretenseand conflation. The notion of whiteness wasintroducedinto the American society due to fear, the art of colonialism,imperialism,and anti-blackness. As a result of this, it can benotedthat the reason whywhiteness changes is because it lacks the purity of blood. Theconcept of whiteness is notonly provisional but also cannibalistic. Due to increasedmodernization and onset of the technologicalrevolution, the idea of whiteness within the American society hasgradually changed the racial superiority and rejection.

Inthe statement, “white supremacy is a conglomerate forged throughfear, colonialism, imperialism and antiblackness. Not through thepurity of blood,” I find that the writer clearly meant that theAmerican society was increasingly saturated with individuals from anarray of different ethnic backgrounds from across the globe(Anderson, 2016).In this line, the population that largely considered itself as purewas corrupted both in color and ideological standings. The idea ofwhiteness was born out of the need to demonstrate racial strength andnot realor natural integration. In this case, a white Italian born in Americawas considered of the whiteness population and not a coloredindividual with roots in America. By this, it is evident that theconcept of whiteness wasnot builton morals or merit butan individual’s skin color.


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