QSEN Safety



Nowadays,safety is regarded as a priority in every hospital setting. Besides,life insurance companies have stopped compensation for clinicallyacquired diseases such as pressure ulcers and pneumonia and they donot also spare funds for related surgical procedures (Sherwood&amp Zomorodi, 2014).However, QSEN’s competency regarding safety has been crucial inensuring that hospital staffs maintain healthy conditions for fasterpatient recovery.

Clinicallyacquired infections have been common in the health system because ofthe lack of rules concerning basic hospital safety and hygienepractices. Nevertheless, QSEN’s safety competency came with themandate of bettering patient outcomes. Sick persons developinfections in cases where hospital staffs are not careful whilehandling and caring for them. Moreover, diseases are usually acquiredduring long stays in hospitals and they can spread easily from onepatient to another through the healthcare personnel if there is noadherence to proper precautions. QSEN’s competency emphasizes thateveryone within the hospital environment needs to be cautious andfollow the procedures set up for staff and patient safety (Sherwood&amp Zomorodi, 2014). Generalhospital hygiene has great bearing on these guidelines.

Heath-centersare today making attempts to observe QSEN’s approach to safety bymaintaining hospital environments so that they can encourage healingprocess and also prevent new infections. Through increased campaignabout guidelines set out by QSEN concerning a culture of safety, itis likely that patients will have better outcomes than before.Furthermore, most hospitals that have adopted hygiene and safetypolicies have reported much improvement and the patients are equallyhappy with the kind of care they receive (Sherwood&amp Zomorodi, 2014). They are the hospitals that have taken a new view point on how theycan better outcomes and boost the safety of patients for improvedresults.


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