Publicrelations have been an art of presenting a certain topic or a subjectto a particular group in the most favorable way possible. Publicrelations helps in presenting unbiased facts to a divided societywithout favoring any side. Also, public relations plays a big part inpersuading a society to accept change. For example, governmentsdepend on public relations when implementing changes to the society(Hoffjann,2015).The disadvantage of public relations can be seen in a situation whereit is used to incite a particular group.


InezKaiser is a name that is well respected in the field of publicrelations. Kaiser is famously known to be the first African-Americanwoman who took the extra step of setting up a public relations firm(Pritchard &amp Smith, 2015). Here Kaiser has shown the whole worldthat being among the minority does not mean that one should shy awayfrom practicing something that they are good in. Now there are quitesome African American women who have established their firms and aremassively contributing towards the modern, effective public relationspractices.

Fromthe hard effort that Kaiser put in advising both the Ford and Nixonadministration on matters that touched on minority women, now theminority women views and voice are brought into consideration beforeany bill or law is passed in most of the governments worldwide (Loue,2009).

DelSprites was a group organized by Kaiser that focused on giving girlsacademic scholarships to further their education, and this team isstill giving girls these academic scholarships.

Withthe numerous advantages and disadvantages of public relations, it isimportant for public relation officers to make sure that they areprotecting the society when practicing this act.


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