Psychology Coursework Migration and Immigration

PsychologyCoursework: Migration and Immigration

Migrationand Immigration in the United States

Notably,there has been an increase in the mobility of individuals from oneplace to another Mexico, China, and India have the highestpercentage of immigrants in the United States. The primary reason formigration has been the free trade Agreements. For instance, NorthAmerica and the Central America Free Trade Agreement have resulted inthe illegal migration of Mexicans to the United States of America(Greenwood,2014).Similarly, the agreements have enabled the United States corporationto move to economically depressed nations for cheap laborers sinceminimum wage for Americans have gone high.

Increasedcases of insecurity in other states, for example, Iraq have resultedin many refugees becoming homeless and thus need to provide for basicrights for those who flew to U. S. Government oppression by countrieslike Iran has force people to move to America to seek asylum.

TheUnited States have a deficiency for the low-skilled labor market, andtherefore, people move there to pursue employment, as most Americancitizens resist manual jobs(Gonzalez 2015).Seekingoccupation has also been influenced by the aging America populationresulting to the needs for workers replacement.

Although,there has been an increase in the number of immigrants, since Americahas prioritized to host the refugees from the war zones, for example,the Iraq and Iranians. It has also housed Mexican who have theirorigin from the US, as well as accommodating young population comingto do low skilled jobs that American natives do not prefer doing. Thepresence of illegal Mexican migrates within the states indicates howAmerica has been hospitable to immigrants.

Onthe other hand, America has been exclusive to accommodate moreimmigrants through restrictive foreign policies (Zolberg,2015).For instance, by having conditional green cards to non-Americannative communities.

Researchdone by American firms have shown that the presence of immigrants hasboth positive and negative implications:

TheUnited States National Research Council attributed $10 billioncontributions to the economy by immigrants through lower wages usedto produce lower prices for goods and services. For example, thegrowth of Hispanic business resulted in increased revenue generationto the economy.

Alternatively,immigrants have negative impacts, for instance, in the case of theUnited States, where most crime recorded are associated withimmigrants. Based on the Homeland security report indicating thatmetropolitan areas with legal immigrants recorded high crime rates.


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