Proverbs under Diligence Category

Proverbsunder Diligence Category

Diligenceis the benefit of the hard work obtained as a result of a continuousand serious effort to achieve the instigated activity (Tyndale,2014). Some proverbs are categorized under the right category ofdiligence. The paper will, therefore, explain why each proverb fromvarious chapters falls under the category of assiduousness.

Accordingto Pr10:4 the lazy person will become deprived and the hard workingone will grow wealthy (Tyndale, 2014).This proverb is classifiedunder diligence because it gives a clear outcome of hard working handas opposed to the results of sluggard`s hand. It tells that becomingrich or poor depends on the choices we make each and every day welive. If one chooses to become lazy, they leap poverty, and if theywork hard, they reap riches.

Similarly,Pr 10:5 is under diligence category because it describes the personthat gathers in summer as a wise person and the one that sleepsduring the harvest causes shame (Tyndale, 2014). The summer andharvest times are opportunities to exploit and increase, however, ifa person fails to utilize it diligently he end up becoming miserableand shameful.

Moreover,Pr 12:11 explains that a hard working person obtains a lot of food,but the one that follows fantasies is a fool. Though hard working istedious, God bless the work of the hard worker (Tyndale, 2014).However, if another person does not want to work but rather intendsto listen to individuals who promise quick riches, then that personwill get nothing at last.

Furthermore,Pr 12:24 describes that the hand of diligent will bear rule but thelazy shall become slaves. This saying means that the hard workingpeople will always be in the lead whereas the sluggards will be atthe bottom (Tyndale, 2014). Diligence cannot be replaced witheducation, intelligence, skills or even ability but only needspatient, persistent, focused attention and maximum efforts. However,skills and training can be used diligently to reach places quickly.

Additionally,Pr 12:27 pronounce that the sluggish will go to hunting but will notroast the meat he hunted, but the assiduous person will kill and thencook the meat (Tyndale, 2014). The statement only tells us that it isimportant to finish any job that one would start because it may be awaste if not finished, or rather you may not enjoy the profits if youstarts a business and leave it before it completes.

Equally,Pr 13:4 states that the soul of the lethargic desires much but getsnothing but the essence of industrious shall gain prosperity. Thesluggard does not resolve to do anything because he hates workinghard and persevering while he loves sleeping and taking a day off(Tyndale, 2014). On contrarily, the diligent person works hard eachday and enjoys plenty and prosperity while the sluggard only loses.The lazy differs from the determined person because the lazy willonly desire the good things from a hardworking person but will notput any effort to acquire such things, he will only complain why hecannot obtain them. On the other hand, the diligent person willalways work hard continuously without complaining, and his rewardswill be plenty and good.

Finally,Pr 14:23 describe that in all works there is a profit but the talksof the lips tend only to poverty (Tyndale, 2014). This proverb alsoexplains that hard working hands do not go unrewarded, but if youspend your time talking with no job, you will end up in poverty.


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